Trailer Landing Gear

Posted by hw on March 31st, 2021

Definition - What does Trailer Landing Gear Imply?

Trailer landing gear identifies retractable supports which keep a trailer level once the tractor is removed.

The landing gear is also referred to as the stabilizers and should be of suitable capacity using a gear mechanism to lift the loaded trailer when demanded.

Safeopedia explains Trailer Landing Gear

Studies show that trailer landing gear may fail for a variety of reasons including rust, damage, or trailers being used beyond their life expectancy. It is important to note too that landing gear failures could be attributed to frequent side-to-side, back-and-forth, and up-and-down moves due to fork truck unloading and loading.

Even if the landing gear is undamaged and maintained, injuries can still happen, particularly if the landing equipment demands manual cranking. The most common injuries happen to the shouldersback, and wrists. Proper posture and procedure can help reduce the potential for harm.

It's important to remember when manually cranking the landing equipment to observe a number of the following to make the task easier:

Maintain good posture (e.g. brace yourself against the trailer along with your non-cranking hands ).

Avoid putting your face close to the field of the manage swing.

Don't spin the crank too quickly.

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