A Fascinating Story: The 2020 Job Market Recovery of Canada

Posted by Richard Pierce on March 31st, 2021

The job markets in 2020 suffered a major backlash as business owners and employers had to rethink their strategies of how they and their companies would conduct business. The first-world countries took strides towards lowering their national unemployment rate as disaster struck at the beginning of the year. There has been significant improvement in the job markets of the USA, Australia, and England. Canada also had a great upturn in the job market and made a great market recovery in 2020.

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The major reason for the recovery was how the Canadian government has handled the pandemic. This and the eventual outcomes it created for example the restriction in the number of deaths that occurred from over 670 deaths per million people in the US to only 265 deaths per million people in Canada was a great reason for why the recovery was fast and the outcome was positive for the Canadian economy.

The business has been capable of resuming in an ‘as close to normal’ style as possible with strict measures in place and a responsible populace adhering to the rules, although we know that normalcy is a far-off target as of now. In June alone, 952,900 jobs were added to the economy, as restrictions were eased, and then tapering off did not seem as dramatic as expected, as a huge number of jobs were added to the economy on a monthly basis.

There are a large number of jobs present in the provinces as of now and with those opportunities comes the massive reason to start a new life in Canada by securing permanent residency.

If you are eligible, you don’t even need a job offer to apply for a permanent residency in Canada today.

Although, you do need to be looking in the right place to successfully find a job in Canada. There are numerous job boards with a huge number of opportunities available but many of those are aimed at Canadians. A number of professions aimed specifically at targeting foreign workers and a number of provinces that are looking at attracting immigrants with very liberal permanent residency programs are there.

Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

Canada faces shortages in various sectors of the Labour market. You will be able to take your pick of where you want to live and enjoy a very good salary to go with your new more comfortable lifestyle if you have the knowledge or experience to fill one of these gaps. Some of the In-Demand Jobs in Canada include Truck drivers, Care providers, Family Doctors, Cooks, Bakers and Butchers, Food processing workers, Hospitality workers, Engineers, Registered Nurses, Pharmacists, Farmworkers, etc.

There are separate Labour markets for each province based on the resources available within that province and the industry’s most prevalent. For example, Ontario and Quebec are full of opportunities for people who work in the financial sector whereas the film industry workers are located in British Columbia.

Ways to immigrate to Canada

Although it is very possible to immigrate to Canada without a job offer, through the Express Entry System, it is much easier to get your Canadian permanent residency, if you can secure employment. This is the reason why knowing where to look is important. You can apply for permanent residency without a job offer if you are highly qualified and trained for example as an architect or pipefitter, and if you are successful, you can move to wherever you like in Canada and begin your job hunt.

Another way to go about the immigration process is to choose a province or territory with an immigration program directed at immigrants. One example would be the Atlantic Immigration Pilot which includes four provinces and if you secure a skilled or semi-skilled job offer in one of these four Atlantic provinces, or graduate from one of their post-secondary designated learning institutions, you can be eligible for permanent residency, as long as, it is your intention to continue to live and work in the provinces.

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