Laser Plastic Welding Market: Presents An Overall Analysis ,Trends And Forecast

Posted by surendra choudhary on March 31st, 2021

Laser plastic welding is extensively used across a host of industrial sectors, including medical, automotive, and electronic packaging. Advancements in textile joining, along with joining of different types of materials such as metal to plastics and more will continue to propel the demand for laser plastic welding across the world. Laser plastic welding is increasingly being deployed, particularly while developing products that are made of thermally sensitive materials. Laser plastic welding is also gaining considerable traction in wide-area lamination, as it offers precise patterns and increased complexity in joints that are made. Moreover, the demand for laser plastic welding is witnessing consistent growth, as it provides optimum strength and minimizes the cycle time in chemical bonding and mechanical joining applications.

Some of the popular laser plastic welding techniques include ultrasonic vibration, hot plate, spin, radiofrequency, implant, and laser/infrared, among others. At present, product developers and companies operating in the current laser plastic welding market are increasingly focusing on opportunities in the healthcare sector. In addition, companies are also expected to focus on introducing new product designs in the current market landscape, and enhancing the overall efficacy and performance of their assembly/joining processes. Laser plastic welding has emerged as an ideal solution to create permanent bonds and applications that require a permanent seal or joint between different components. The global laser plastic welding market is on course to reach a market value of ~US$ 1.5 Bn by 2025.

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Soaring Demand for Safe, Reliable, and Versatile Laser Plastic Welding in Healthcare

Although the cost of equipment for laser plastic welding is comparatively higher than other alternatives, its exceptional versatility makes it an ideal choice for applications in the medical sector. Laser plastic welding is used to assemble and join components made from a broad range of materials in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, as laser plastic welding requires negligible vibration and relative movement between two parts, it is capable of joining delicate components without inflicting damage. The adoption of laser plastic welding for the assembly of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) and micro-fluidic devices has witnessed consistent growth over the past decade and the trend is likely to continue over the stipulated time of the study. Companies operating in the laser plastic welding market are focusing on fulfilling the design requirements of their customers. The demand for laser plastic welding is on the rise as it offers exceptional welding quality, and improved aesthetics efficiently address the challenges put forward while joining complex geometries, versatility, etc.

While the healthcare sector will remain a prominent end-use industry in the laser plastic welding market, the automotive sector is expected to account for the highest market share. Advancements in laser plastic welding technologies have played a key role in improving the accuracy and weld quality of laser plastic welding due to which, conventional techniques in the laser plastic welding market are likely to be replaced during the forecast period.

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Companies Rely on Inorganic Growth Strategies to Improve Market Share

Apart from focusing on improving the performance and quality of their welds, companies operating in the laser plastic welding market are also inclined toward expanding their market share by relying on inorganic growth strategies such as mergers & acquisitions. In addition, companies are also focusing on expanding their product portfolio to improve their position in the laser plastic welding market landscape. For instance, in June 2019, Dukane enhanced its laser plastic welding portfolio by acquiring the Blackhawk Technology Group. Dukane further announced that the acquisition of Blackhawk Technology would play an important role in improving its position in the market. The move will further strengthen the company’s product portfolio, which finds application in a host of industrial sectors.

While inorganic growth strategies are likely to gain considerable momentum, multiple companies are also expected to focus on introducing cutting-edge technologies to improve the quality of their laser plastic welds. For instance, in July 2017, Trumpf GmbH announced that the company is integrating EHLA– a new technology that is faster and offers greater efficiency than conventional laser deposition welding.

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