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Posted by beauty33 on March 31st, 2021

Located in Shirley, New York, the world’s leading peptide supplier Creative Peptides recently announced the launch of its GMP synthesis business. Now this company is focused on the development and GMP manufacturing of pharmaceutical grade peptides.

As the demand of pharmaceutical market continues to grow, more and more pharmas and research institutions choose the CMO and CRO models to expand their businesses, which is more cost-saving, efficient without additional expenses on staff, equipment and other infrastructure. Creative Peptides has become the first choice to outsource the manufacturing of peptides or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in any quantities, owing to its world-in-class technologies, strong technical staff and strict quality control systems.  

“We are able to produce GMP peptides, APIs in annual quantities as needed by our customers. The availability of low-cost active pharmaceutical ingredients from our company has had a big impact in the international community,” said Dr. Robert Martinez, Head of Creative Peptides’ synthesis businesses, in a statement. “Our robust, economical manufacturing processes will definitely help optimize the costs of drug discovery and development. A full range of synthetic technologies are available. But as to which technology to be used, the final choice depends on the sequence length, the scale, and the specific project requirements.”

The GMP synthesis range at Creative Peptides includes:

  • Large-Scale Liquid (Solution) Phase Peptide Synthesis (LPPS)
  • Large-Scale Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS)
  • Large-Scale Hybrid Fragment Synthesis Peptide
  • Modifications
  • Large-Scale Purification
  • Large-Scale Isolation

Whenever and wherever, quality control is the top priority for Creative Peptides. The GMP production sites were designed in strict accordance to US-FDA guidelines. All have passed US-FDA inspections. Currently this company is qualified for the manufacturing of generic APIs in compliance with ICH guidelines including Q7 and other related and applicable sections.

>98% purity of the GMP synthetic products is guaranteed. Standard QC tests before releasing GMP products are also provided. Extra tests can be made as well according to the requests of clients.

About Creative Peptides

With a high profile team of experts in multiple fields such as peptide technology and synthetic chemistry, Creative Peptides not only provides various research peptides, like anti-pigmentation peptideneoantigen, glucagon like peptides, but also dedicates to solving the problems that trouble its clients by offering various GMP synthesis services.

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