Discipline Your Errant Child With Peaceful Parenting Solutions

Posted by Mamazen on March 31st, 2021

Do you have a small baby at home and are constantly worried about the perfect parenting technique to use for his upbringing? Most of us are fed up trying to discipline our children by yelling. This screaming and ranting really doesn’t teach the children anything
g and they become belligerent. They refuse to change their attitude so what can you do? You need to inculcate discipline in the child but have to tread peacefully!

You can encourage positive behaviour in kids by finding peaceful parenting solutions. It is imperative to contribute sensibly to the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and societal behaviour, right from childhood.  You have given birth to a child. The child should not be “just” a contribution to a biological relationship between two partners.  He is a sweet, tender, and beautiful individual who you have brought into this world to make it a better place to live in.  Enjoy the journey of parenting and child rearing.  Raise a well- adjusted and happy child instead of an impudent and aggressive one.

Peaceful parenting solutions include the following:

  1. Connecting with your children: Parents and kids need to have an intimate connect. But does this bond still exist nowadays? Children need quality time to interact with their parents. Spend time with them, have conversations, go for picnics, do chores together happily singing playing. This will deepen your bond and help you establish a strong bond with your child.  It is time to start sharing experiences together so that the bond gets stronger day by day. The child needs to feel physically and emotionally close to parents. Playtimes, television watching, all should be done together but make sure no one disturbs you in these personal moments.
  2. Regulate your emotion and keep your temper down. No more yelling and screaming when your kid does something against your wishes. Don’t make your personal ego a reason to discipline your child.  You need to help the child regulate his emotions by regulating your own reactions to a situation. Understand why your child is misbehaving and help him find a solution instead of getting temperamental.  Don’t blow your top and control your inner feelings. You can feel anger but gather yourself and share it positively.
  3. Most of us end up controlling our child by loud words. Try to coach your child by setting an example. Your child has eyes on you all the time so behave well. Build a strong bond with your child. They are going to exhibit the same attitude that is given to them, so be careful when you reprimand or discipline them.    
  4. Mindful and peaceful parenting solutions are the best way out. A parent should learn how to deal with the situation at hand and deal with whatever is happening in their home at that particular time. Live in the moment people. You need to deal with your kids with loads of patience. Accept your child with his imperfections. Don’t let your personal traumas and experiences cloud your judgement. Stay calm and shower your child with plenty of love.

Your main goal is to discipline your child and improve his behaviour with love. Don’t react instantly. Your calm and composed behaviour and one to one interactions will help your child make good sensible choices in their life in future.

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