Tips to find the Right Flashlight To Meet Your Needs

Posted by Kelly Wilson on March 31st, 2021

Are you looking forward to buying a flashlight? If yes, you are here at the right place. We have done some research work on this topic and tried to come up with some of the useful tips that can help you to find the right flashlight to meet your needs. All of these below-mentioned tips will help you to find the best flashlight from 

When you want to buy a flashlight, don’t forget to ask yourself these questions:  

Do you know the difference between xenon bulbs and LED? Do you want rechargeable batteries? Are you looking for a small-sized flashlight or a large one? Let's talk about all of the tips that can help to buy a flashlight:  

Tip #1 Check the Intensity Adjustment 

Check if the intensity of the flashlight can be adjusted or not. If you are looking for some specific illumination range, then there are certain types of flashlights you can look for. When you are looking for a flashlight for your home, changing the intensity should not be a feature to look for. This feature may increase the cost of light but will help you to get multiple intensities in a single light.  

Tip #2 Range of Illumination and Output is important 

Doesn’t matter if you need a flashlight for hiking, camping, hunting, safety, or any protection, the range of illumination and output plays an important role. The range of your light beam may not be important if you want to use any flashlight for domestic use. Lumens are utilized to gauge the power of light. A typical household flashlight should have an intensity of somewhere between 10-100 lumens.  

Tip #3 Number of Settings available

There are so many models available in the market when it comes to purchasing a flashlight. You need to check the number of settings of light intensity the flashlight will have. If you want to buy a flashlight for domestic use, a minimum number of settings should be okay. If you want to use a flashlight for campers and hikers, a minimum of 4 or more settings should be good.  

Tip #4 Hours of operations should be checked. 

Older flashlights used Incandescent bulbs, which failed to last for a longer time and has very low intensity. When buying a flashlight, make sure it has a LED bulb. The best-LED flashlight is one that promises to last for at least 10,000 hours before they need to get changed.  

Tip #5 The size of the Flashlight matters

The overall size and weight of the flashlight are important things that matter, Since you will be carrying your light on your shoulders while hiking or camping, you need to make sure that the flashlight is light and effective enough to meet your needs.  

Tip #6 Rechargeable Batteries work better than anything else

It is up to you to decide whether you want a cheap battery that can last only one time or a good quality affordable flashlight with rechargeable batteries that never drain. The best flashlight is one that comes loaded with rechargeable batteries within the flashlight. 

Tip #7 Budget needs to be planned first

Well, this should be the first and the most important step before purchasing any flashlight. You need to work upon your pocket-size before spending on any expensive flashlight. 

Do some homework and compare the features of all flashlights that come under your price range. If you are a professional maintenance guy, look for a flashlight that is good, smartly designed for outdoor survival, and has all features required to do your job. 



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