Are You Eligible for a Lawsuit Against Mesh?

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Most of the lawsuits regarding mesh have not been over the mesh used to repair hernias. Mesh has been used to repair hernias for a long time and while this can sometimes lead to complications, the tens of thousands of lawsuits against mesh are more closely linked to the transvaginal mesh that is being used to treat women that have SUI and POP after having a hysterectomy, childbirth or menopause.

Did You Experience These Conditions?

SUI (stress urinary incontinence) is a condition where women urinate during normal day activities such as sneezing, lifting or coughing. Usually a bladder sling is implanted and this sling is made from mesh. Traditionally, all mesh was inserted surgically by making incisions but doctors began to insert the mesh through the vagina claiming this was less invasive. There are many companies that manufacture this mesh that comprise these slings.

The mesh is cut to the appropriate size as needed. Some of the mesh comes in a kit for the doctors. Many of the transvaginal mesh products for SUI have been recalled. Unfortunately, they were not tested on humans before the FDA approved them on the market.

These slings are made out of plastic or sometimes animal products from pigs or cows. The mesh is made to be a permanent implant and the soft tissue and blood vessels grow around the mesh making it very hard to remove surgically. It has been equated to trying to remove gum from hair.

If you have had complications from a bladder sling implanted for SUI, you may be eligible for compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, time away from work and other damages. There are no class action lawsuits against these manufacturers but anywhere from 40,000-70,000 cases have been filed against mesh.

Most of the cases that had complications were implanted transvaginally (through the vagina) and this led to far more complications than the normal surgical insertion. The FDA has said that transvaginal mesh implants pose a high risk of complication and after receiving thousands of reports of complications they also have said that transvaginal mesh implants may be no more beneficial than not using it. The FDA has also required many of the manufacturers to do safety testing.

Mesh is also used for women who undergo hysterectomy. Often when the uterus is removed, the vaginal wall collapses. Women may not be warned of the risks of using mesh to repair the vaginal wall.

Mesh is also used for POP (pelvic organ prolapse) which happens a lot of times from childbirth. When the pelvic floor is weakened, sometimes the organs drop and put pressure on the bladder or other organs. Complications with mesh used to treat POP include increased urination, inability to urinate, pain, nerve damage, headache, infection, incontinence, erosion, perforated organ, emotional damage, fistulas and others.

If you were given mesh for any of these conditions or someone you know was, you may be eligible for compensation if you had complications. It’s important that we share this information with others so they will know the risks associated with these products now that the FDA has said that transvaginal mesh has a high risk of complication and may offer no more benefit than not using it. More testing and development needs to be done before this is a safe procedure.

Were you warned about the risks?

Unfortunately many women were not informed about the risks they were taking on when getting these procedures for POP and SUI. They were told it would be a quick procedure and little else. The women are not to blame for this negligence and the pain and suffering they have had to undergo should be compensated.

Things To Consider About Compensation

If you’re considering starting a lawsuit against a transvaginal mesh manufacturer you will want to consider, how much time you spent away from work, how much pain and suffering you had, how much it cost you now and in the future. You’re not guaranteed to receive compensation but it’s important to file a claim to help push the point that this is an unsafe practice for women globally. Some of the cases have led to death, broken marriages, high medical bills, chronic pain and infection, nerve damage, headaches, emotional damage, fistulas, erosion and perforated organ. Other complications involve vaginal shrinkage or intestinal blockage.

Erosion and organ perforation are two of the most serious complications which can lead to septic shock and even death. Erosion is when the mesh pushes through tissue. This can cause blockage in the bowel and lead to the need for a colostomy and colostomy bag. This can lead to organ perforation where a hollow organ is punctured and urine and fecal matter bacteria can enter areas where it will cause infection.

Furthermore, bleeding and bruising can occur. This can cause a man pain during intercourse as well as the woman and it may make sexual intercourse impossible. Marriages can be affected and emotions as well. It can destroy a woman’s life and leave her in chronic pain.

Companies and Brands That Have Been Sued

There may be a global shift happening when it comes to mesh products now that in recent years millions upon millions of dollars are being paid out to individuals who have suffered at the hands of negligent companies such as Johnson and Johnson Ethicon, C.R. Bard, Coloplast, Boston Scientific, American Medical Systems.

Here are some of the mesh products that women have received compensation for; Coloplast mesh, Uretex, Boston Scientific Arise, Advantage Fit, Lynx, Obtryx, Prefyx PPS and Solyx, Gynecare Prosima, TVT, Gynemesh and Prolift products, Mentor ObTape, Avaulta Vaginal Meshes and Bard Pelvic Meshes.

Look for a lawyer that specializes in transvaginal mesh cases and speak to them about your case. Talk to your friends and family about these issues even though it is a sensitive topic because you could be potentially alerting them to compensation they are eligible for or perhaps you will be sharing information with them that can help them avoid the pitfalls of pain and suffering that so many thousands of women have undergone from these unsafe products.

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