Designing Onboarding Experiences for Better Employee Relationships

Posted by Squadsy on April 1st, 2021

After the pandemic has hit our economy, everything has changed. In the business world, more than 20 million people in the United States alone have lost their jobs and many companies have shut down. However, looking at the light at the end of the tunnel with the recovering economy with vaccine distribution, we must now work towards re-introducing those millions of employees back into the workforce. This will be a great challenge for HR teams across the world given the unprecedented circumstance. So, it's very crucial to have an efficient and more importantly scalable onboarding process to tackle this challenge. New employee onboarding a major factor that decides the first year retention of an employee with the company.

If a company is onboarding its employees in the correct ways then it is beneficial for both company and the employee. Right onboarding helps the company in the following ways:

• Amazing employee experience. If an employee has engaged with their experience at your company, they will be more likely to become employee ambassadors who find a meaningful connection with the company. This will help your company in recruiting more employees via referrals.

• Increased manager participation. Onboarding is clearly a team sport given the number of stakeholders such as managers who play a key role in the overall success of the employee. A well designed onboarding program involves the manager proactively as a partner in the onboarding process and leverages their expertise throughout the process.

• Increased productivity is one of the good side-products of the right onboarding process. It will build trust in employees' minds. The team buddy will give them proper information about processes and get them ramped up along with training programs. The first few months are really crucial in setting up small wins to quickly instill confidence in the employee.

• Above all, a well designed onboarding program can increase the employee retention rate. Replacing employees is one of the costliest processes to repeat for HR teams since it involves going through the recruitment and onboarding phases again costing loss of productivity. Employee retention seems higher with the right onboarding process.

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