Importance of Rain Harvesting in Kerala

Posted by lkchurchgate on April 1st, 2021

Rain water harvesting is the key to future water conservation gains.The rainwater that falls on your roof and property is essentially free.  Our villa projects in Thrissur uses this method to harvest rain water into a tank or reservoir for later use. Life depends on water, and the availability of water depends on you. Due to poor conservation techniques and mismanagement of the resource, we are on the brink of water scarcity. Water is a precious natural resource that’s used in a variety of ways in our daily lives and itself is a solution. Conserving rainwater is a righteous procedure to break out this upcoming catastrophe.

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting rainwater from the surface on which it falls and storing it for later use. Rainwater harvesting is a great sustainable technique that really can be employed anywhere. First collect rain water from the roofs of buildings and store in tanks. Directs rainfall to the tanks with the help of gutters on the building. Store it and use for variety of purposes, like landscaping, agriculture, household, fire protection etc. Rain is one of the best gifts given by mother nature. Save rain water for the future generation.

Environmentally Friendly 

Most rainwater harvesting systems are friendly to the environment because they don’t require the need for fuel-based machines. Roofs make for excellent catchment systems and the roof’s gutters can carry water to the storage tank. Since rainwater is relatively clean, it is very good for irrigation purposes. Pure form of water helps to improves cultivation and per capita income.

Saves Water Bills

When we are using water for residential or commercial use its necessary to collect rain water. So it ensure any natural water resources is not squandered. Even if the water is not filtered and it remains non-potable. You can use rainwater to wash cars, windows, and water lawns. Using recycled water for these tasks can result in reducing your water usage by 40 percent. Saves money on water bills.

Climate of Kerala is an advantage for rain harvesting. Since Kerala lies along the Arabian Sea, it is the first state in India to receive the monsoon rains. The rain fall twice per year, from the southwest and the northeast. The rainy season lasts nearly four months and conserving rain water will be worthwhile. However, at this time of rapid urbanization, we have to think bigger. We have to adopt innovative techniques to modify the age-old practices. Collect, store, purify, and utilize this rainwater to suit the demands of homes including multi-storied apartment complexes.

We believe in a sustainable model while being environmentally friendly. Our project villas in thrissur have been designed keeping in mind the changing socio-economic framework. We have accounted for rainwater harvesting units in our projects. Our upcoming villa projects in thrissur CHURCHGATE (ollur,perinchery) is a perfect example for rain harvesting.

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