Managing Kids’ Tantrums – Knowing How & When to Respond is Crucial

Posted by Tanya Sharma on April 1st, 2021

While parenting is never without its trials, kid’s tantrums add insult to the injury. From comprehending your kid’s mood to surrendering to their demands at times, parenting is a never-ending task of balancing between what is right and what is required. We understand that when your child runs away seeing the fresh fruits on the breakfast table or shouts loud when not given the chocolate he/she demanded, you may feel exhausted and hopeless. Nevertheless, no matter how trying and disgusting all these may seem, all these fluctuations add the beat of life to parenthood.

The fact is that every child comes with his/her share of tantrums and throws it from time to time. According to experts, it is the underlying intention to attract attention that makes children to behave aggressively at times. Although there can be a thousand explanations for toddle tantrums or teen tantrums, one thing that can bridge the gap is perseverance. Knowing when and how to react to your child’s outbursts of temper is critical for handling it.

At Yuvashakti Model School, positioned among the Top 10 Schools in Rohini, we believe that neither every tantrum should be given indulgence, nor should they be ignored. The need is for the parents to comprehend the gravity of the situation and act accordingly. When the temper regarding something becomes repetitive or almost consistent, ignoring it can result in negative ways. On the other hand, paying attention to each and every demand might encourage the child to behave improperly whenever he/she would need something. Striking a balance between responding and not responding holds the key to tantrum management. And on that note, we are sharing with you today some of the easy ways to handle your kid’s sudden outbursts of emotions.

Put on a peace facade no matter how irate you are

Every parent has that famous peace facade they put on when they actually feel appalled. If your child is throwing everything available within his/her arm’s length, shouting out loud, or refusing to have the meal, try to be patient and calm. While anger in these moments comes spontaneously, you must fight to resist the impulse and hold on to your good self to handle the mess. Shouting, abusing, or criticizing your child will not help you manage him/her. Let the child calm down, and then you can talk. Always remember that your child needs attention and not scolding. Once he/she gets the same, the tantrums pacify automatically.

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