What are the most common questions asked in the cabin crew interview?

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When you are taking the cabin crew training course, you must be preparing yourself for the interview. Knowing how tough the interviews can be, for the best choices it is always recommended to make enough research before choosing a cabin crew training institute in Kolkata.

The selection panel of cabin crew consists of highly experienced people who have the efficacy to determine the right people for their job. Therefore, it is crucial for you to prepare in a proper way for the next stage.

Despite passing the other preceding stages where you have done extremely well in the cabin crew training institute, little bit of guidance is always mandatory for people to pass and successfully cross the interview.

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Before we move ahead to the questions, let us find out something in detail.

Researching a lot on the Airline that You Wish to Join:

No denial about the fact that there isn’t any company out there who expects you to have in-depth knowledge about them before you have started working with them but then you have to gather knowledge on a few facts. This is the segment you can easily take the opportunity to describe the panel that you have successfully completed your homework.

It is extremely crucial that you have to show interest in their service along with having made comprehensive research of their company to the extent. Therefore, make sure that you take a look on their website and include the facts about the policy of the company, what aircraft do they use, where do they fly to, what are the routes, what have they achieved and their future aspirations.  

The website of the airline must contain details of the customer relations. This you need to read thoroughly just to make sure that you are able to fathom their services. It is really worth getting an understanding of the company and acquiring details from their website about them. If you are taking the courses from the cabin crew training institute, you will be offered the information and prepared accordingly.

What should you research?

  1. Where do they fly?
  2. What are the names of the airports?
  3. What is the mission statement of the airline?
  4. Do they have any future plans for their growth?
  5. Who are their competitors?
  6. What services and products do they offer?
  7. What is the employee strength?
  8. What is the customer care policy of the airline?
  9. How long have they been in the business?

So, coming back to the interview process. When you have done the research of the company in detail, you would certainly be able to answer the questions. Here we will include some of the most common questions that would elaborate on the experience.

Why are you looking forward to becoming a cabin crew member?

While you were filling the application form, you definitely have answered the question. If this is so, you can have a look at the answer you have written before as your response before sitting for the interview. This will give you an answer immediately and also it will ensure that you are not contradicting your own answer that you wrote. Remember to take the cabin crew course in Kolkata seriously as the best answer lies somewhere in the training provided by the cabin crew training institute in Kolkata.

When you are answering these questions remember your answer should cover:

  • Your ambition
  • Your attributes and qualities that makes you great for this purpose
  • The positivity of this role
  • Your zeal in feeling happiness by helping others

What should be your reaction when you find other cabin crew members are being rude to the passengers?

The information will be offered by the cabin crew training institute in their courses. Anyways, no denial that these are some of the rarest situations that you can witness but the chances are always there and hence you must be prepared for this type of questions. Being a cabin crew member, you will have a lot of responsibility and hence you must have the efficacy of resolving them. You must have the knowledge of apologizing when you find something has gone wrong. Try to find the solution with your nature and presence of mind and avoid the need for escalating until it is insisted by the passenger.

How to handle passengers who are not ready to comply with the instructions given by your team members?

Passengers who do not like to listen to the flight attendants when the flight is about to take off or land, they are actually themselves at risk along with your job. But since it is about looking for the best remedy, try not to escalate the matter. Therefore, when you are in the interview, you must be sure of including the following things in your answer.

  • Conflict management skills so that you have the ability to calm down the passengers
  • Ability to think quick or have the presence of mind to handle such situations
  • Need to have the judgmental skills to be able to handle the situations

What would you do if someone is scared of flying because this is their first time?

This is one of the most common situations that can be witnessed in most common. In the cabin crew training in Kolkata, you will be given the same situation to check the way you handle the situation. You will always find some passengers who feel anxious about flying and especially for the first time. This is the sole responsibility of the flight attendants to make the entire experience less stressful by offering compassionate customer service. Therefore, make sure that you are including the following things in the services.

  • Empathize with your passengers
  • Show the positive aspects to make the person feel the easy
  • Offer great customer service and don’t forget address the concern of passengers

How would you handle the emergency situation?

One of the most common and major roles of the flight attends in to manage the in-flight emergencies. Make sure you find answers that show your ability to head the challenging situation along with displaying your leadership skills. Therefore, make sure that you look for the following things in your answer.

  • You can keep the passengers calm in the emergency situations
  • During the crisis you can make powerful and effective decisions
  • You can direct the passenger while convey the authorities

What do you think are your strengths for customer services?

One of the most important things about the flight attendants is that they spend their most time interacting and fulfilling the needs of the customers. Remember in the cabin crew training institute, you are provided with the knowledge on these sections separately. No denial, traveling is undeniably stressful and therefore without great customer service, it is simply impossible for the passengers to feel relaxed and better throughout. Therefore, make sure you find answers that show that you care for the applicants and helping them is your final need.

Therefore, make sure you include the following things in your answer:

  • Create a positive environment
  • Helping the passengers as much it is possible
  • Ensuring the passenger satisfaction

How would you resolve the challenging situation with the co-workers?

No doubt that the flight attendants have flight schedules and they need to work long hours. Therefore, you would definitely not want to bring in the conflicts with your staff members. Therefore, your answer should consist of your willingness to understand the perspective of the person. Make sure you include these in your answer:

  • You have the flight management skills with anyone
  • You are willing to compromise with the team members during the inflight conflicts
  • You try to understand from their perspective

Are you uncomfortable in new situations and environments?

If you are experienced flight attendants, you might follow the same routes however, those who are in the lower place, they might end up in different locations wherever the airline flies. Even there are chances that the crew members keep changing and hence there is always a need for having the ability to get accustomed to unfamiliar environments. Therefore, airlines are mostly in search of people who can adapt to the unfamiliar environment quickly. Upon taking the cabin crew training course, you can get complete understanding and information of the answers. 

cabin crew training in kolkata 

Make sure you include the following things in your answer:

  • You can handle the changes in the flight schedules, work availability and the overnight booking
  • You have the understanding of different cultures
  • You can adapt to the good and living style of different countries and cultures

So, these are some of the most common questions that are asked by the panel. Hopefully you have got a complete idea about the type of answer that you need to include in your answer to impress them.

Getting information won’t be enough as you have to take the cabin crew training course from the top cabin crew training institute in Kolkata. This is because you can get a complete understanding of the needs and challenges of this job role from a known and reputed institute.

Since there are many names available, make sure you choose the best cabin crew training institute in India as the certification matters.

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