Role of Accountants in Maximising Your Income

Posted by Amit Gupta on April 1st, 2021

The services provided by accountants for landlords are crucial in maintaining healthy business and maximizing income as a rental property owner. Hiring an accountant is one of the best investments you can make, especially if you are lending out multiple buildings or properties. The following points further explain the role of accountants for landlords and why you should start looking for one now:           

Make sure that you are fulfilling your landlord duties

Being a landlord in the UK can indeed be lucrative, but this job involves a long list of responsibilities that can be really challenging to fulfil without a pro working beside you. As a landlord, you have legal obligations to pay taxes while keeping your property and your tenants safe. With an expert accountant for landlord, you can be rest assured that you are following the best practices and meeting the standards of the law.

Keep financial records

Every financial transaction must be recorded for computing tax liabilities and filing tax returns. Your accountant will be in charge of this task, so you have all the things you need at the time of income tax filing. When you have complete and accurate records, you can avoid problems with the taxman. Some of things that must be included in the records are rental income, losses, capital expenditure, bank statements, as well as expenses incurred in relation to the property (ex. legal fees, accountant fees, and mortgage interest.)

Reduce tax liabilities

Working with someone who is knowledgeable about tax laws is the key to reducing your tax liabilities. Accountants know various legal ways to help you save on landlord tax. They will see to it as a landlord can claim all property expenses to gain full relief. This may include a possible claim for the landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance for the money you have spent to make your property energy efficient, among other things.

Providing all the accounting and financial planning help you need

The biggest advantage of hiring an accountant is that you have access to immediate financial advice. Your accountant will be just one call away to provide the necessary assistance and answer any questions you have in mind. Aside from taxes and day-to-day bookkeeping, they can also advise you on preparing for future property investments.

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