5 Effective Ways to Enhance Social Skills in Your Child

Posted by Class Monitor on April 1st, 2021

Does your child face difficulty in making friends? Or, hesitate to initiate a conversation with others? If yes, it means they lack social skills. Social skills are skills that are required to socialize, move around in a social setting or to interact with others. Developing social skills is vital for an individual’s self-growth, self-esteem and overall success but it doesn’t come naturally to all. Some children are too shy or lack the confidence to socialize, make friends or have difficulty in fitting in certain groups. Helping your children pick up social skills is quite challenging but, here are 5 effective ways to enhance Social Skills in your child.

Educate about Emotions

Children experience emotions however fail to express the same in words. Parents must educate them about different emotions such as joy, excitement, danger etc. using age-appropriate methods/games like “Identify the emotion” or “Feelings chart” that shows different emotions. Communication is also a helpful way to teach different emotions to your kids. For example, let them know that you are upset with their behaviour or you are excited about something. This helps them identify basic emotions and teach them to respect the emotions of others as well.

Follow Their Interest

Another great way to enhance your child’s social skills is to know where their interests lie. Be it playing their favourite musical instrument, joining a dance academy or participating in their favourite sport; when they do something they are interested in; they’re likely to enjoy the company of others. It will help the kid to mingle with other peers and they will feel more comfortable in socializing.

Encourage Eye Contact

To boost the confidence of your kids, encourage them to make eye contact while talking to others. From early childhood, encourage them to look in the eyes of the person they are talking to for effective communication. Children often emulate others and it will help if you’ll get down to their level while communicating with them.

Encourage Communication

Learning to communicate is essential if one wants to socialize. Start by teaching your kids appropriate greetings and responses like “Hello”, “How are you?” and words like “please, thank you” etc. You can help your kid overcome shyness/hesitation by regularly interacting with them, asking them questions like “How was your day?” and assuring them that they can freely talk to you about their needs, ideas or anything. Encourage them to initiate conversations with friends or neighbours.

Pretend Play

Pretend-play is an excellent way to enhance social skills as children can practice adult roles like reporter, teacher or doctor. This method allows kids to learn to interact by imitating others, help them understand relationships between people and basic skills such as sharing, caring and offering help to others. Make suggestions on how they can communicate effectively and teach them gestures like smiling, making eye contact to boost their confidence.

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