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Posted by goldsafe21 on June 6th, 2015

The Swtor Patch 3.3 was alive on PTS yesterday which also introduced a lot of new contents and features on classes, combat and warzones. Besides, the fifth stronghold – Yavin and new playable race –Togruta have been confirmed for swtor patch 3.3 that will release on July 21! On the occasion, welcome to swtor2credits for cheap swtor credits with 5 % bonus!
Swtor patch 3.3 updated contents alive on PTS

The Swtor game update 3.3 was put on PTS yesterday. According to the update 3.3 note posted by TaitWatson, we can see that there are many changes on classes and combat, referring to Jedi Consular, Sith Inquisitor, Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Imperial Agent, as well as the PVP Updates on Warzone. However, the update note will be subject to change before its final release.
The Yavin 4 Stronghold is based on Revan’s ‘Temple of Sacrifice’ on Yavin 4, and you can see it during the shadow of Revan storyline (level 55-60) since it was confirmed for patch 3.3. As the fifth stronghold in Swtor, it is also the biggest one that will open tons of hooks including the roof. There are 16 centerpiece hooks and 2 starship hooks. However, the stronghold has the same item limit as other strongholds have – 9 rooms and 485 hooks.

In addition, there are more contents to this stronghold than those of other existing strongholds, while we can also expect for some “secrets”! Besides, Tait has semi-confirmed Yavin as a guild stronghold, but price is up in the air still, which is likely to be modeled on Tatooine's unlock cost. After that, Yavin 4 Stronghold Costs were revealed on the PTS via torcommunity, showing that the purchase of personal stronghold cost is 2.5 million Swtor Credits, while the guild stronghold cost is 15 million Swtor Credits.

Finally note that you can still only have four strongholds active at once (if you currently have four, you need to temporarily deactivate one to buy and activate Yavin 4). According to someone’s experience, deactivating a stronghold will pick up decorations you have placed and reset them, while keep all the rooms you've unlocked.

New Playable Togruta Race is confirmed for Patch 3.3

Except for new stronghold, new playable race Togruta was also introduced to patch 3.3. Togruta is the most often misspelled and mispronounced species, which will be actively being worked as you speak and showing to be female but working on the male currently. For those who want more information, feel free to click our previous introduction of Togruta. Similarly to Yavin stronghold, the price of Togruta is still being finalized. The only ensuring thing is that its cost will be similar with other species in the game.

Swtor patch 3.3 is coming soon! At that time, you will get tons of new contents on classes and combat, to prepare for those new challenges, feel free to buy cheap swtor credits on swtor2credits. And cheap swtor power leveling is also on offered for your choice!

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