50% of all students never graduate. Here is the help

Posted by Andreas Winkler on April 1st, 2021

A lot of people are having their dreams and plans destroyed because they never graduate from the college education they have started. And it has only become worse after the COVID-19 outbreak. According to OECD less than 50% of college students on average graduate. Not only do they have their dreams and plans destroyed, but many are also left with huge debts. FindSupervisor (https://findsupervisor.com)There are similar low graduation rates among MBA, eMBA, and Ph.D. students FindSupervisor is a new global portal where all kinds of students can find supervisors, who can coach them both academically, personally, and professionally. All the supervisors have been through the process of writing dissertations under extreme pressure and they have found different successful ways to face and solve these challenges. Subsequently, they can pass on their experiences to the people, who need them most - namely the next generation of graduates and business school students FindSupervisor is founded and funded by Dr. Finn Majlergaard, who was under extreme pressure when he had to write his own doctoral dissertation. Giving up was not an option, so he had to develop a method to become as effective as possible in the research and writing process. Later he has helped numerous students through the challenging dissertation writing process. That gave him the idea to create a platform so more students could get help from independent and experienced supervisors. Finn Majlergaard: "I feel a great pleasure in having had the opportuynity to help some MBA and DBA students through this very challenging process. I also know that there are many thousands students who don"t get the help they need and I know there are thousands of qualified independent supervisors. So I have invested some resources in bringing this portal to life". On FindSupervisor.com the Supervisors and the students agree on the financial terms themselves. FindSupervisor.com only facilitates the contact. Some supervisors might want to do it for free, while others will have a variable or fixed fee structure. We also invite a wide range of service providers to make listings on FindSupervisor. It can for example be publishers, recruiters, proofreaders, coaches, etc. Students don"t quit because they can"t handle the academic level According to a study from the Gates Foundation, only 34% dropped out because it was too difficult. The majority, 71% dropped out because they had to work. We know from our own surveys among adults who pursue MBA, eMBA, DBA, and Ph.D. programs that they drop out because it can overload oneself pursuing simultaneously a post-graduate degree, a full-time job while often, caring for a family with young children. Younger students have other challenges usually concerning financing and change of direction in life. By getting a supervisor who can relate to all these dilemmas and concurrently coach the students on how to get through the challenges, we believe we can make a lot more students graduate. Finn Majlergaards"s message is clear: "Sign up and create a listing offering your help if you feel you are a qualified dissertation supervisor. If you can provide other services to the students, then make a service provider listing. We all have the responsibility to take care of the next generation"

Find Supervisor is a portal, which aims at helping dissertation writing students find the help they need. It can be e.g. an experienced supervisor, a proofreader, a recruiter, a financial advisor. Anyone can search the portal for free, while listings are paid. FindSupervisor is currently available in English, but more languages will follow

Contact Find a Supervisor F Majlergaard Rue Cagnoli 127 06450 Saint Martin Vesubie Phone: 652973199 E-Mail: info@findsupervisor.com Url: https://findsupervisor.com

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