Myths About Computers and Laptops Busted

Posted by Advanced Computers on April 1st, 2021

Most people don’t know that all myths associated with computers are not true. Some of these myths have originated during the infancy period of computer technology. New developments in the cyber industry have outdated these myths. Now, these myths have no validity in modern computers.

Let’s check out some myths that Mac repair Auckland has busted. It is one of the trusted computer repair services in New Zealand. They tackle both hardware and software problems regularly in different types of computers. Let’s learn from them what they think about these regular computer myths.

Common myths about computers and laptops

  • Slow computers mean virus

It is true indeed that virus often reduces the efficiency of the computer and forces it to run slowly. But other hardware-related problems can give a similar effect. Any problem with RAM or hard-disk can reduce the efficiency of the computer and slow down its operation.

Computer repair Auckland is an expert company in fixing these types of problems in the computer. They also offer their computer service promptly. Hence you don’t have to waste much time with the faulty computer. You can seek their help for any type of computer fix.

  • Apple products don’t get viruses

This myth was true around 15 to 20 years ago, when only a few people used to run Apple computers and laptops. At that time, hackers don’t use to make viruses for Apple products due to low demographic size. However, things have changed in the past 5 years in the cyber world.

Many people use Apple products and there are many viruses are present for these products. If you suffer from any virus-related problem, then immediately contact Mac repair Auckland. They will terminate the virus before it can do much damage to your laptop.

  • Empty laptop batteries charge faster

This myth used to be true when most laptops used to run on Nickel-cadmium batteries. However, these days most laptops use lithium-ion batteries. A low level of battery charge can reduce the lifespan of these lithium-ion cells. For this reason, never let the charge drop below 10%.

 Laptops of the recent generation are more fragile than computers. Hence, laptops suffer from more problems than computers. If you want a quality repair, then contact laptop repair Auckland. They use genuine parts for the laptops. So, it can run reliably without causing any problem.

  • The computer has nothing for hackers

Most people ignored their cybersecurity because they believe that the computer doesn’t have any valuable information for the hacker. However, the thought processes of hackers are different than yours. Hackers often install a keylogger to the computer and wait for your activity.

They can track your activity when you use the computer for financial transactions. Later they can use this information to steal money from your bank account. Therefore, it is better to be careful about cybersecurity. Consult computer repair Auckland to improve your cybersecurity.

  • How to take care of computer and laptops

The first thing you need to understand that computers and laptops are electronic devices and they can get easily damaged by moisture. Hence, always try to keep your beverages away from them. You would be surprised to know that over 30% of laptop and computer damage happens from water spillage.

Similarly, always carry your laptop in a protective covering. Many people carry their laptops among other luggage, which causes damage to the laptop screen. For any kind of computer-related problem, you can contact laptop repair Auckland. They offer quality computer repair at an affordable price. They also use genuine laptop and computer parts. After their service, your computer will function like brand new without any problem.

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