Is Cartvertising a Good Marketing Tactics? Find Out Here

Posted by Adzze Advertising on April 1st, 2021

Choosing the right advertising method is crucial to your business. Advertising provides a means for building brand recognition and protecting brand reputation. Therefore, it would help if your business chooses the best advertising method to reach the target consumer and generate maximum ROI. One such advertising method is Cartvertising.  So, what is Cartvertising and how does it help your brand?
This post explains what you need to know about Cartvertising. We explain what it entails and examine if Cartvertising is a good marketing tactic.

What is Cartvertising and How Does It Work?

Cartvertising refers to a marketing tactic that provides targeted, repetitive, and high brand exposure using the shopping cart. Whenever a consumer walks into a grocery store, chances are that he will take the shopping cart, even when he wants to pick a few supplies.
A creative marketer can leverage on the shopping cart to achieve brand exposure to the target consumers. Therefore, the marketer designs a creative advert and sticks it to the shopping cart. The shoppers will see the advertisement throughout the shopping journey, which means that the advertiser is enjoying increased brand exposure.
We have seen how Cartvertising works. Now, we look at whether the method of marketing is effective. So, what are the benefits of Cartvertising?

1.      Guaranteed Brand Exposure

So long as the advertisement is well designed, and its location was chosen strategically, there are high chances that the advert will generate maximum impressions.
To understand this, we compare the advert on the shopping cart to an advert placed at a busy highway. The shoppers walk into the grocery store and head directly to picking the shopping cart. Firstly, the shopper has to touch the shopping cart by hand. Besides, the shopper has to look at the shopping cart to ascertain that it is the correct size, and functional.  For the billboard, the road users stay focused on the road to avoid accidents, and make sure they do not break the traffic rules. Therefore, the chances of seeing the advert remain minimal.

2.      Effective Targeting

Shopping cart advertising provides a localized exposure, targeting the potential consumers repeatedly. Thus, the message cuts through the potential customers while they are ready to spend. Chances are that the consumer will want to try the product, or subscribe to the service.

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