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Posted by manasa on April 1st, 2021

Towards Understanding Big Data & Data Science

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field which utilizes different mathematical and scientific techniques, procedures, algorithms and sophisticated systems to extract valuable insights and knowledge from large structured and unstructured digital data. Data Science is closely associated with data mining, data about science, and artificial intelligence.

The term "Data Science" is actually not a separate discipline but it is a broad term which encompasses several sub-disciplines. Many researchers have started using "big data" as the basic terminology for Data Science. Some of the data sources that are commonly used in this field are social media, public health, retail, finance and advertising.

Insights To Data Science:

Data Science can be broadly divided into different sub disciplines such as: Information Technology, Information Systems, Web Analytics and Ecommerce. This article discusses some of the main areas that are covered by data science. One example of this is social media Data Science. This data science has the ability to analyze the relationships between different users in social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The objective of this is to obtain relevant data to improve the quality and quantity of information which users are able to access.

What Exactly Is Big Data?

It is often believed that big data is a single source of information. This is actually not true because big data can be used for many purposes like business, medical research, customer relationship management and analysis etc. Most of the big data available in the world can be accessed via a wide range of databases and these databases can be accessed by companies and organizations through various internet applications.

The term 'big data' has also been used in relation to the public domain data. Public domain data refers to data which is made available by public institutions or government agencies such as census data, birth records, census report, unemployment numbers, birth and death records, criminal records etc. This is termed as public data, which is not considered private and confidential.

One of the biggest challenges in this domain is the fact that the data obtained from big data cannot easily be analyzed by humans. Therefore the data needs to be analyzed by data scientists who work with huge database in order to find relevance in this data, which can then be useful for different purposes. They can be used to improve productivity in different businesses in a better way.

Why Data Science For Big Data Analysis?

Many companies are now realizing the need to collect and store big volumes of data for the purpose of analysis. This data can be used to help the company determine what strategies should be applied in order to achieve the company's goals. Having the presence of the best set of tools and algorithms, Data Science can extract insights from large sets of Big Data.

How to Become A Data Scientist?

Kelly Technologies Data Science Training In Hyderabad program is the perfect platform that helps the Data Science career enthusiasts to leverage real-world skills and expertise in Data Science. Students who will be a part of this Data Science training program will get benefited from the structured training delivery & and advanced course curriculum. Students will also get the best interviews guidance on how to prepare for the Data Science interviews.

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