Native American gemstones representing the best of Native American tribes

Posted by AmandaTom on June 7th, 2015

Culture and art are intrinsically related and dependant on each other for development and prosperity. One of the best examples of this is how the Native American tribes in the United States of America are flourishing with the help of an organized effort to spread the beauty and uniqueness of their art in the country and abroad. An initiative to support the Native American people in finding their place in the modern society has resulted in opening new doors of opportunity for the tribes. Native American gemstones and jewelry are now available in some websites for the customers to browse through and can be purchased online as well.

Native American tribes

To understand the art form of a nation or a group of people it is important to try and understand what they stand for. Only then will you be in a position to appreciate their creation. The Native American tribes are the indigenous historical clans of the USA and they are recognized by both the federal government and the bureau of Indian affairs. The tribes are also called Indians, Native People and Indigenous people. There are a large number of Indian tribes but a few of the smaller tribes have not yet gone through the recognition procedure.

However, the larger communities of the southwestern part of the country include Acoma, Navajo, Apache, Hopi, Zuni, Ute, and Santa Domingo. Each of these Native American tribes has their own unique art and cultural heritage and this is what we are going to focus on, with special reference to their gemstones.

Native American gemstones

The indigenous tribes have a very rich and diverse culture which is truly reflected in their art, especially in their style of jewelry making. Each and every tribe that has been mentioned above have their own style of creating a piece of jewelry and this is what makes each piece stand out. The promoters of this art form believe that over-commercialism dilutes art and its true nature. Though they have embraced the modern ways of marketing and selling products through their specialized websites, they have held on to their core standards and values. So, when you think of owning one of the Native American gemstones you can rest assured that you will get a genuine gemstone that is used by the indigenous jewelry makers.

In authentic handmade jewelry you would usually find gemstones such as turquoise, spiny oyster, shell, malachite, magnesite, jet, lapise, charoite, opal and white turquoise. All these are original and natural pieces which you can get even by ordering for them individually. You will find ample information about Native American gemstones from a website that is especially designed to promote art and craft of the indigenous people.

People of indigenous origin represent the true nature of a region. Recognizing the Native American tribes and allowing them to flourish through their creative skills is something that will not just preserve their culture but also enrich the cultural heritage of the country. Hence, encouraging their art form by buying handmade jewelry or authentic Native American gemstones is the least that we can do to ensure that the natives continue to prosper.

You can buy Native American gemstones and know more about Native American tribes and their culture.

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