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Posted by Harry on April 1st, 2021

When you are starting up a business, you have to go for branding. For that, you need to create a strong brand identity to create a long-lasting impression on the audience you want to attract. These are the first thing that consumers have with your brand. Try to make logos an important part of your brand.

Simply we can say logos are the symbols that make an image that helps your audience to identify the brand.

The company's brand personality tends to be available across all media from its website to social media. For example billboards, TV ads and magazines.

In this article, we have put collectively some dos and don'ts of logo design that will help you to build your business successful.


Here are some dos that are beneficial for designing logos for building the brand.

Make sure it's readable:

Assure that your symbol is easy to read. If you have created the difficult one that the audience can't read, then try to change your font. Keep your font simple and easily readable, not use the complicated one that will confuse customers mind.  A font plays an important role in ensuring your design to all. If it's strong or bold, the font is what will build that first thought on your viewers.

While an emblem is hard to read, clients are often discouraged from cooperating with the brand. You can be innovative, but confirm that the customers can read it. In the end, people wouldn't interest to buy products from a brand whose name they don't even know.

Research your Audience:

Your first process of designing is to research your audience interest and lifestyle so that you can make a great emblem that will attract customers.

The most important part of your brand is to be a focus on your potential customers. Sometimes this happens that you and customers are not thinking in the same way, maybe the colours and fonts that you use in the symbol will not like by the customers. If logo design doesn't catch the attention of your audience, you have gone in the incorrect way.

To research, your potential customers try to investigate your competitor's follower support. Research every customer's social media profile to know what type of custom logo design company they want. Go in deep to find out who they follow and what kind of feeds those profiles have.

Get Opinion:

After designing ask for an opinion from your close friends or colleagues. Maybe they see something that you have missed out on in your design or they may see some mistake that you didn't notice before. It's often good to get an idea from friends or your potential customers. Ask for suggestions on how you can improve it.


Here are some don'ts that you must avoid for designing logos for building the brand.

Not to copying other's logos:

The main function of branding is to place separately from the competitors. If you want to build your brand strong, then you will not achieve that by copying other brands. That will cause you negative publicity. You can take inspiration from other brands that are quite good.

If your initial step into the marketplace is met with negative publicity, it sure won't do you any favours. It also can get you into a lot of legal problems.

Use of too many colours:

Colours are also the main part of your badge designs. Each colour conveys a different message and stimulates different emotions when viewed so try to choose the colour that suits your custom logo design. Colours in branding are as important as the selection of fonts. You have to be confident of what emotions you want your customers to feel and use suitable colours to do.


Hopefully, the above custom logo design tips should help you to make your design better. On the other hand, it's important to declare that while lists such as this are a good starting point, they should not hold you back system are made to be broken down & there is no 'right' way when it comes to logo design. Explore and create.

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