Why Monochrome Coloured Logo Designs Are Becoming More Popular

Posted by Harry on April 1st, 2021

A logo is the face of the brand that has to be present in the different mediums. It is a great source for the business to establish an association with customers and become more recognized in the market. However, it might seem like a small image with few shapes, colours and typography. But, actually, it goes from a complex designing process with great knowledge about its psychological implication.

Besides, along with shape and typography, choosing a colour scheme for a logo design can be challenging and difficult. They are the basic foundation in creating the personality of your brand and attracting customers. Thus, businesses and designers are making efforts in discovering new ways to make an emblem more professional, simple, and appealing.

Hence, one of the most effective and popular way to achieve attractiveness by keeping the simplicity is monochrome colours. This approach is proof that using colour is about quality, not quantity. They convey a sense of refinement and dignity, as well as a modern or minimalist aesthetic. 

Let’s see the reasons, monochrome logos are becoming so popular, and how they can be used to produce the best design.

What is monochromatic colouring?

Monochromatic colouring is an approach in which you can choose the one base colour (any shade from a 12 colour wheel that matches your brand), and then further dividing it into different variations of the same base by gradually reducing the hue (darker or lighter) to create a monochromatic colour spectrum.  

It helps to produce one form of the simple logo using one basic shade and then creating a range of hues by playing with different shades, tones, and tints. The inspiration behind its use is, you might have to stick with one shade, but what matters a lot is how you'll use it to make the best possible custom logo design. It’s not about how various hues you use, but how you use them.

What type of variations you can use?

Tones: it is the pigment that is created by mixing grey in your base hue.

Shades: the base hue is darkened by mixing black.

Tints: lighting the base hue by adding white into it.

Advantages of monochromatic Logos

By using simple shade, it gives the custom logo a simple yet elegant look. It makes it more memorable with a professional look. As the usage of many hues make a design look like a rainbow, and harder to remember the different colours.

They could be more cost-effective for printing, as many shades are costly to print and also most often lose their quality and look awful.

It helps to deliver the message more effectively, clearly and instantly even at a glance.

It also builds a strong association which becomes a great factor of recognition over time.

Why Is Monochrome becoming popular? 

People are drawn to this colour scheme because it has a subtle touch of colour and a minimalistic look that is both visually appealing and edgy. Moreover, this technique is very easy and effortless to do which is one of the reasons for its success. While designing, the designers must stick to only one colour, which prevents any uncertainty since they aren't forced to choose from a wide variety of hues.  

Therefore, small businesses to multinationals prefer to buy logo design in monochrome to make their brand professional, contextual, and stylish.

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