Types of Upholstery Cleaning Methods Used by Companies

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Buying many types of upholstery is not enough for you household. It is normal and common for upholstery to have dirt or stains over time. Therefore, it is important that once in a while you get upholstery cleaning Dublin services so that your house remains clean and sparkling. There are different types of cleaning companies and cleaning techniques as well. It is also important to acknowledge that various types of upholstery need different types of cleaning. Here are the types of cleaning that will leave your upholstery bright and sparkling all the time.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This is commonly known as steaming carpet cleaning. It makes use of high pressure water jets to remove dirt off the upholstery fibers. Using hot water extraction for upholstery cleaning entails application of cleaning agents on the dirt or stained surface then brushing the stains out and finally rinsing the surface. Rinsing ensures removal of cleaning agents and dirt on your carpet or upholstery. The following step is to leave your upholstery to dry out with conditioned room temperature. Leather or furry seats will take u most two hours to clean and another four hours to dry out. It is also advisable that upholstery be cleaned in the afternoon or late in the night when they can be left overnight to dry out. You will wake up the next morning to a clean house and clean upholstery.


Shampoo upholstery cleaning was popular during the 1970s before technology encapsulation. Many cleaning companies and service people still like it. It is efficient but has many disadvantages. When using shampooing it is likely that once the upholstery is dry you will have residues of the cleaning detergent on for a very long time. When the residue dries they become sticky especially if there was no rinsing done well. Therefore, upholstery shampooing is not an advisable method of cleaning.


This method makes use of synthetic detergents which are able to crystallize into powder when dry. It works in such a way that once the dirt is removed from the fiber particles it is encapsulated into powder then vacuumed away. It can also be brushed away as well once the dirt particles have been dried. Encapsulation is the most preferred cleaning technique by upholstery cleaning Dublin services. This is because it has the shortest drying time compared to other cleaning methods. It also uses friendly products which don’t leave chemical residue easily after the cleaning and shampooing process. However, this process has its own shortcomings. It cannot be able to clean sticky or oily stains from carpets and upholstery.

Dry Upholstery Cleaning

This is also one of the best cleaning methods. It does not require any drying time at all and that’s why it is preferred by various cleaning companies. Upholstery cleaning with dry cleaning services makes use of a motorized brush which spins around the bottom part of your upholstery to remove all the dirt away. As the motor rotates the brush all the fiber on your carpet or upholstery is opened up and the dirt is removed.

These are just a few cleaning methods for your upholstery. Some upholstery cleaning Dublin http://ecocleansolutions.ie/ companies make use of all of them whereas others don’t. It all comes down to your choices and preferences of a cleaning method. Ensure you always choose the http://ecocleansolutions.ie/upholstery-cleaning/Upholstery cleaning method which will work best for your upholstery.

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