Authentic turquoise jewelry with Native American hallmarks

Posted by AmandaTom on June 8th, 2015

If you are looking at jewelry that is different from the items that you see in the stores, consider going Native American. You will not only be able to flaunt jewelry pieces that everyone will ask you about, but also do this community a world of good. The Native Americans are famous for extracting the best stones from the turquoise mines located in the south-west part of the country. And while most of these mines run dry now, there are some from where genuine and gem quality turquoise is still mined in numbers and used in designing jewelry. To ensure that you are able to purchase authentic jewelry, look for Native American hallmarks on the pieces.

The Native Americans traditionally work on the turquoise mines located in California and New Mexico. The stone is also available in the states of Nevada, Colorado and Arizona, Arizona being the largest supplier of the stone in the country. The mines in California and New Mexico are almost barren now and this means that the Native American community working on these mines now finds it difficult to produce samples of their superb handiwork even less. There are few that continue to work on these mines from where they extract turquoise and convert them into eye catching pieces. And the best of these jewelers use Native American hallmarks to make sure that they are able to supply authentic items to the buyers.

The turquoise mines located in California and New Mexico, even though their supplies have dwindled, still produce the best quality turquoise in the country. The turquoise extracted from these mines is then combined with metals to produce genuine jewelry items. Many of the communities involved in this trade still don’t use modern machines to produce their jewelry and this is where their magic lies. A handcrafted piece of turquoise jewelry is mostly unique because the exact specifications cannot be followed when modern machines are not in use. With these items of jewelry, you can rest assured that you will catch the attention of the others. And as far as the prices of these jewelry items are considered, you don’t need to worry about that at all.

The concept of Native American hallmarks dates back to the 70s when the jewelers would mostly use their initials on the items they designed. Because many of the jewelers would have the same initials, many of them created their hallmark logos that are unmistakable when you know a thing or two about Native American jewelry. You can easily find out the names of the best designers and purchase their items with their specific Native American hallmarks. If you are looking to create a wow effect, these items of jewelry should easily achieve that for you.

It is still time for you to purchase jewelry with Native American hallmarks. The turquoise mines of California and New Mexico will not produce the stone for too many years. Make your purchase now before these jewelry pieces become collectors’ items in future.

The turquoise mines of California and New Mexico still produce the stone for the Native Americans, but not for too long. This is why it is the right time for you to purchase turquoise jewelry with Native American hallmarks.

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