Vicryl sutures are best recommended for speedy healing process

Posted by dunitzsantrino on June 8th, 2015

The word surgery runs a chill down our spine whether it a small or a big one. Medical science has a lot of talented researchers who invest a lot of energy and time in bringing changes with respect to the methods involved in the process of surgery. The sutures are very important in the process so as to heal any wound and or incision because they ensure that the borders are sealed. Among other sutures, the vicryl suture is very important. When talking about this material which is much in use in Sutures India, surgeons prefer using this type of suture. This is an absorbable type of synthetic suture. This is very effective type of stitch because of the quality of it getting removed automatically because of the natural process occurring inside the human body.

The healing process, surgeons say, is speedier when compared to the other types of sutures. Vicryl is made of plait like material to make it stronger and can be easily put inside the tissues during the surgery time. This is very effective a stitch because at times there is a chance that the deep layers of any tissue may be cut during a surgery. The advantage of such type of suture is highly recognized by doctors worldwide and is being used widely. The traditional sutures are not regarded safe and the side effects are also umpteen because if it cuts at any point of time, the wounds will not heal soon.

In fact surgeries are usually done by the experienced doctors and they ensure that the sutures are of the highest quality. The patients hope and money is high because surgeries are very expensive and in most of the cases they are mandatory. The other advantage that happens when Vicryl is used is that they have anti-bacterial constituent that will help in preventing any infection around the wounds. In the process of hydrolysis, the polyglycolic acid disintegrates and for fast healing tissues, surgeons add some other catalysts to speed up the process. In normal cases after any surgery, the Vicryl suture dissolves in 60 days and it is a cool process where no foreign residue is seen. This is indeed a great advantage. In the cases where the speed of healing is to be increased and there are agents added in the suture for this process, it may only take as much as 10 days maximum.

While sutures India are regarded as the best ways in any surgery to connect and seal the wounds, there are however cases where doctors insist to remove the same because of some side effects. It is best to go to the right doctor.

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