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Posted by AmandaTom on June 8th, 2015

The Native American community in the United States may have dwindled in numbers, but the community is still concentrated in some specific parts of the country. Many of the Native Americans have embraced the modernism of these times, but there are many that have continued to cling on to their heritage and culture. Jewelry design is one way the Native Americans have kept their tradition alive. Jewelry made with Native American gemstones is heavily in demand in the United States because of its unique designs and the culture associated with it. The authentic pieces all bear Native American hallmarks that are unmistakable.

When we speak of Native American gemstones, we don’t mean gemstones that are not in use in the rest of the world. There are certain gemstones that are used by this community in jewelry making and this is why these gemstones are associated with the Native Americans. The most popular among these gemstones is turquoise, especially the original, blue one. White turquoise is also used by this community for jewelry design. They combine these gemstones with metals like silver to design fantastic looking pieces that are bound to make you look different. So popular are these jewelry items that they are now getting copied by others too. So, you should always look for Native American hallmarks to ensure you are purchasing authentic pieces.

Turquoise mines in the USA are concentrated in the south-western part of the country. Arizona is the largest supplier of this stone and the other states where turquoise mines are located include California, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. The Native Americans tend to use the mines in California and New Mexico. Unfortunately, most of the mines in these two states are now empty of produce and this is why the supply of jewelry with Native American hallmarks has dwindled.

However, this community also uses other Native Americans gemstones for jewelry designing. Because turquoise is not available in large numbers now, other gemstones are finding their way into the workshops of the Native Americans. When you look at jewelry with Native American hallmarks, you will find other gemstones in use, including opal, malachite, magnesite, jet and lapis. There are many jewelry items designed using coral, shell and oyster too.

You should consider jewelry made with Native American gemstones because of two primary reasons. The first reason is the look of the pieces. Because they are still largely handcrafted, you get many unique pieces. And when you wear a uniquely designed jewelry piece, you know you can be a showstopper. Secondly, these jewelry items are now available in much lesser numbers. This trade may not be there in the near future and the prices of these items will skyrocket then. Isn't it better to purchase now when you can afford these jewelry pieces?

Jewelry designed with Native American gemstones is different and drop dead gorgeous. Only make sure you choose the ones with Native American hallmarks. The good news is that you can shop online for these items.

The jewelry items made from Native American gemstones are different from traditional jewelry items. The authentic ones bear Native American hallmarks.

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