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Posted by tedmark on June 8th, 2015

Thinking about joining the transportation industry? Running a company of transportation? Well, for both these situations, you should contact the best in drug testing program for dot and fmcsa drug testing as they have the personnel and the equipment to handle all types of tests. So, if you intend to work in this sector, it is recommended to take your time and learn all about the current legislation, the type of tests conducted, the drugs tested and main procedures. Contact them today and request a personalised offer!

Whether it’s a fmcsa drug testing or faa drug testing program or any other type of drug testing program for dot, one thing is clear: you must follow the letters of the law one by one. According to the current legal requirement, anybody working in the transportation industry, private and public entities alike must schedule for regular drug and alcohol testing programs. It seems that no company and no employee can be exonerated from drug testing program for dot.

So, any employee whose activity has been categorized by the US Department of Transportation as safety-sensitive must participate at drug and alcohol tests organized at the workplace on a regular basis. For example, aviation personnel, commercial motor carriers, maritime crewmembers, pipeline workers and persons working in railroad and transit. In addition to complying with regular fmcsa drug testing, all employees who have been defined as safety-sensitive must not report for duty if under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

All drug testing program for dot including faa and fmcsa drug testing will be done using urine specimens for drugs and breath and saliva for alcohol. As for the drugs tested, the most common substances are marijuana and cocaine metabolites, amphetamines, phencyclidine and opiates. As for the medicine prescription, it is important to have the recommendations signed by your personal physician and not taken following your personal opinion.

From what it seems, you should not ignore any of these information: whether you are a safety-sensitive employee or an employer. If you are the manager of a company operating in the transportation segment, don’t waste any more time and contact a company specialized in these tests and see if they offer national coverage for all their services.

The good news is that they will help you implement any type of drug and alcohol testing programs and also offer precious tips and recommendations on how to manage them in the future. As it turns out, for accurate results it takes a team of skilled technicians and modern laboratories to perform all the tests. So, make sure you hire the best in drug testing program for dot!

For learning more information on the most common programs of drug and alcohol tests, please access the webpage fmcsa drug testing. Take a moment for checking out the site drug testing program for dot if you are interested in reading further details on the company, the main services provided, the areas served or for requesting a personalised offer and price details.

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