How to Handle Employee Disputes Tips Employers Should Know

Posted by Lakes, Whyte LLP on April 2nd, 2021

As an employer or business owner, you have to be mindful of the working relationship of your employees. It’s not necessary that everyone goes along well but everyone should respect the rights of each other. But when these rights are not respected, it can lead to disputes.

The best way to handle employee disputes is to resolve them right away. Don’t shrug it off thinking that it will go away on its own because more often than not, it will just worsen. Here are a few tips that you can use to ensure that you handle employee disputes well:

  1. Know what the conflict is about

Don’t make judgments without understanding all the parties involved and the circumstances behind the dispute. Be sure to talk to all the people involved and the others who might have witnessed the dispute.

  1. Refer to the employee handbook

If the disputes violate the terms of the employee handbook, you should let the employees know and reiterate the importance of following the handbook. You might need to encourage them to work the issue out by themselves using the handbook as a guide.

  1. Discuss the solution together

Be the mediator and discuss what the best solution is. That way, even if one party ends up leaving the company, it can’t be said that the company did nothing. Make sure you document all the things that happened to resolve the altercation such as the dates when the meeting happened.

  1. Come up with a written agreement

For more serious issues that can’t be resolved verbally, a written agreement can be drafted and signed by the parties involved to make sure that they hold to their end of the bargain. The agreement can include what both parties need to do to ensure a harmonious relationship in the company. Make sure the written agreement includes terms that both parties agree with.

What if you have an irate employee suing the company because of disputes? Understand what the dispute is all about first before acting on it. Obtain the necessary records that will prove your lack of liability in the case.

It’s better to go to Vancouver law firms experienced in employment law first to understand what needs to be done. You shouldn’t attempt to reach out to the other party without talking to law firms in Vancouver first. You could inevitably say or do something that will be used against you and that can make it more difficult to resolve the matter.

If you are in need of the help of Vancouver law firms, you can check out Lakes, Whyte LLP. For all matters involving employment disputes, always consult professional law firms in Vancouver first before making a move to avoid further conflicts.

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