Which Designer Carpets Suits Your Living Room Demands?

Posted by Swayam India on June 9th, 2015

Among designer carpets, shags were the rage late in the 1960’s and 70’s. By the early 1980’s shag carpets went out of style for it’s over the top, conservative formality in fashion and design. Shaggy carpets are out in the market with its most difficult rugs to maintain and clean. However, with few upgrades they made a comeback and are now present everywhere from lush interiors to party decorations. You can get a crazy, cushy, unexpected look into a home with them to make floors a fun to walk on, roll on and play on.

A variety of shag rugs and their maintenance and associate features are listed below. Find which ones of them is apt for your lifestyle.

Wool shag= sheepdog

The first “shag rugs” were woven Flokati rugs from Greece. It is known as sheepdog because it’s a big shaggy construction difficult to wash and brush out smoothly.  Clean them regularly so that the Flokatis look good and stay fluffy for years. The extra time is needed to groom so cleaners charge more to clean Flokatis versus regular wool woven pile rugs.

 Silk shag= silk parachute cord strands

The silk shag was woven on a burlap/jute foundation that becomes brittle. This is one among the oldest as the silk cords are strong; they do not mush up and lose their shape. The slickness of silk keeps the inside fiber relatively clean that gets much of the dust to simply shake away.

Noodle rugs= wool fibers

The noodle rugs are loosely woven into a typically a heavy cotton backing. They grab everything and hold on to it. If the kids that crumble food on the rug, if the pets are playing over the rug, the situations get hinder as it won’t let go out of it. They turn yellow over time.

Acrylic shag= fire hazards:

The synthetic replication of wool is acrylic. For those who “know” wool, they can spot acrylic right away. It lacks the luster and vibrancy of dyed wool and the texture is cracked. These rugs are very hard to keep clean, and the tufts are even easier to pull out as well. These rugs are usually quite cheap to buy, so we are seeing them pop up more and more because they are a cheaper way to have the “look” of wool without the price.

Leather shag rugs:

Leather shag rugs lose their sizing, color and look as they age. They are quite cool looking because of brand new strips of leather that are perky and bright and stiff. But a not super practical choice for a home with pets. And these rugs are understandably expensive if the quality of the leather is good.

Synthetic shag rugs: polyester, nylon and viscose

One of the “pluses” of synthetic rugs is that they are all primarily plastic fibers, so they can take the heat  of hot water extraction which natural fiber rugs like wool cannot. They also would need to literally try to clean these rugs with upholstery cleaning hand tools because full carpet wands and machines would not work on those long strands. They would pull the tufts out and unravel the rug.

Roll out your living room carpets and step into an area where your feet can feel the messaging sensation with every touch. Swayam completes your home décor with vibrant designs and colors from plain to a combination of multiple colors. Avail choice of carpets to match your interiors.

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