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Posted by tedmark on June 9th, 2015

When you are interested in improving the sound quality in a certain environment, you need to focus on a few things. This seems like a difficult task and many people want to leave it to the professionals to get the job done. If you like learning new things and you want to try this challenge on your own, this is where you will find a little help for it.

There are several types of crossovers you can try when you want to improve the performance of your speakers. Some use passive crossovers, others focus on the active options and now you can turn to digital crossovers. This is where you will find an active crossover kit and you can learn a few things about how you should use it for the task at hand.

Up until recently, the active crossovers were realized with the help of a physical circuit for each speaker. Even if it was efficient, it had a few drawbacks once a unit was in the field. If you wanted to make the crossover slope steeper, you needed some additional circuitry and it posed an issue. This is why you must use a digital active crossover kit.

Instead of relying on the traditional analog circuits, you can now use a more modern digital computation solution so you can implement the active crossovers. You do not need any hardware changes so you can process the audio signal. With the right active crossover kit you will be able to make everything work even with limited tech skills.

Once you have the DSP technology, you will need a few things so you can get the job done. The loudspeaker you will use to render the signals must have drivers. You will also need stereo amplifiers for each speaker. There are a few options at hand in any retail store. You will also need a microphone so you can perform the measurements.

If you have all these things together, you can start working on improving the quality of your audio rendering, but you will also need REW software. This is going to help you input the data obtained by the microphone into a digital format and thus it will be easier to process. The user friendly interface is going to make things easier to understand.

Even if you will need to invest quite a bit into all the hardware components so you can put together a high end audio system, the REW software will not cost a dime. This is a great solution that will help you solve your problem and it will reduce the costs to a minimum. All you need is to download it and put all the other things together properly.

If you need a little help in this direction and you want to know how to install everything to get the process on the roll, you should turn to the web for help. The site of minidsp.com will show you where the REW software is and all the other components to get things going.

An active crossover kit is going to help you process audio signals so you can improve the performance of your speakers. If you want to put things together and you want to find the free REW software for it, the site named before can provide the answers.

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