Remove music jitters with USB to I2S and a calibration microphone

Posted by juanoliv3 on June 9th, 2015

Sometimes even the most expensive music systems are not able to generate the kind of music you would like. Without getting irritated and without cussing the manufacturers, you may want to look at a solution. And a solution could be available just round the corner without you having to spend a fortune. You can test the music quality by using tried and tested hardware and software applications like USB to I2S and a calibration microphone.

One of the most annoying experiences you can have with music is when you sense those jitters. And this happens quite often because the audio data and the clock signals are not separated properly. USB to I2S helps you in connecting the speakers in order t create a customized audio system. Once you use the USB to I2S interface, the audio signals from your speakers will be processed digitally in the computer or laptop. A wide range of equipments can be connected using this interface. The plug and play features help you take control the moment you attach this to your audio components. The result of this is that the jitters that you have been experiencing will be gone.

What you get in a USB to I2S is a multi-channel USB audio interface, a high end DAC or recording interface and a surround sound preamplifier. It results in simultaneous playback of up to 10 channels and also 10 channels of recording. The dongle is a plug and play device that simply needs to be plugged in to perform. What you will also like about USB to I2S is its cost effectiveness.

A calibration microphone is an omni-directional USB measurement microphone that can be used for measuring acoustics in a particular room. These microphones can be used by downloading the calibration files so that they can measure acoustics accurately. These are plug and play devices that provide you with the most accurate acoustics results and also have low noise as one of their features.

These microphones are extremely easy to use and don't require complex driver installations. You can find a calibration microphone that is compatible with all operating systems. From Windows or Mac to iPad with camera connection kits, there is ample support available for you from one such microphone. These microphones are extremely important if you want distortion free sound from your system. When you listen on a calibration microphone, you can make out whether the sound you expect is coming out of the system or not.

Both these products, the USB to I2S and the calibration microphone can be easily purchased from the market. But you should be aware of the cost implications. These are not standard music accessories and you will not find everyone using them. So, some of the sellers try and take advantage of this situation and sell these products at premium prices. On the other hand, there are sellers who want you to experience the best music within your budget. They are the ones that can offer these products at the best prices. You can easily find these sellers online.

You can enjoy the best possible music by making small investments. Consider looking at USB to I2S and a calibration microphone.

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