The growth of Fantasy Cricket in India

Posted by on April 2nd, 2021

Online fantasy sport is the new craze in India. The extreme popularity of Cricket in the country has made Fantasy Cricket an ever-growing trend.  The popularity of fantasy cricket was further boosted by the IPL and IPL Fantasy League. In fact, a whole new meaning was added to IPL matches for Millions of Cricket Fans in India. There are now close to 100 million Indians who enjoy fantasy sports. Most among them actively play fantasy cricket. Some very important factors have boosted the growth of fantasy cricket apps.

Earning prizes

They are one of the few real ways to make money from home. A fantasy cricket app can be the best way to earn money online, since users mostly play for cash prizes. The ability to win actual money greatly excites people. Moreover, cricket lovers can play cricket online and earn money as a reward for their love of the game.

Test for Cricket lovers

A fantasy cricket app can help cricket lovers to engage more with the game. They get a common platform to use their cricket knowledge, player selection skills and match prediction abilities. It helps people to enjoy the sport more. Cricket fans get more motivated as they get an opportunity to prove their knowledge, skills and passion for the game.

Increase in Smartphone usage

Smartphones have become much cheaper in the last few years. More people can now afford a Smartphone and download fantasy cricket apps. This is an important factor for the rise of fantasy sports apps across India. People can spend less and earn far more, as they are some of the best money making apps.  

There are many other reasons for the huge growth of Fantasy Cricket. However, these are some of the biggest factors leading to its success. More people can now actively play cricket online and earn money through the GameOn App. 

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