Get acoustics right with calibration microphone and REW room EQ Wizard

Posted by AmandaTom on June 10th, 2015

When you spend good money on a top of the line music system, you expect to listen to the best quality music. But it may happen that you don't get the experience. This could be due to many reasons - perhaps your room doesn’t have the right acoustics for the music to play as per your liking or there could be some other reason. It is possible for you to check the acoustics of your room. You can use a calibration microphone and an REW room EQ Wizard to check the parameters. Once you have the report, you can take necessary action.

A calibration microphone looks like any standard microphone, but it has enhanced features. This microphone uses unique calibration files that you can download from the website of the manufacturer. With this you can measure and subsequently make corrections to the signal levels emanating from various components of your home theatre or audio system. What is great about this microphone is that it can make absolutely accurate measurements. Along with this feature, this microphone also offers low noise so that you can enjoy the best quality music after you have taken care of the acoustics.

The idea of purchasing and using a calibration microphone may seem daunting to you, but it is an extremely easy device to use. It doesn’t have complex installation procedures and you can do it on your own. This microphone is usually cross-platform in nature and this means you can use it on Windows and Mac PCs. Purchasing a microphone for calibration is nothing short of an investment. You don't need to spend much on it, but it proves to be more than valuable for you as far as sound quality is concerned.

Once you have installed the calibration microphone, you can put the data you receive from it to the REW room EQ wizard. It is the digital application that is going to process all the input data, analyze it, calculate the corrections needed and implement those changed figures in to your system. With this tool you can improve the acoustic quality of your system. REW room EQ Wizard, being a digital application gives accurate results as long as you provide accurate initial results. Therefore, initial measurements are extremely important and your calibration microphone is going to provide you that accurate measurements.

Positioning your subwoofers often becomes a challenge because the quality of sound depends on the positioning. Without judging with the acoustic elements of your room you should invest in REW room EQ Wizard and a calibration microphone.

Is it difficult to purchase a calibration microphone and a REW room EQ Wizard? It is not actually. There are different sellers of these items and you can easily find them online. You need to follow the same procedure of comparing the products and the prices so that you are able to make the best purchase. Once you have these with you, you can rest assured about the quality of music. The manufacturers have detailed instructions for you to follow regarding their installation and calibration.

Don’t get worried if you are not getting the best sound quality. Check the acoustics of your audio component with calibration microphone and REW room EQ Wizard and the problem can be solved.

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