How to Eat Healthy and Spend Less for Your Fitness Boot Camp in Ventura?

Posted by everten on June 10th, 2015

Low-budget Healthy Shopping Tips

It would only require a single lap around a grocery store for you to conclude that ensuring a healthy diet is quite pricey. Consumers are yet to understand that food marketers take advantage of our busy day-to-day schedule by doubling the price on premade foods. The key secret here is that by preparing food at home and having great shopping skills, you will not only ensure you eat healthy on a budget, but you will also save money.

Shopping sagaciously and healthy eating usually go hand in hand. Living in Ventura helps, since this city is so centrally located between the sea and the farms, but chances are you can do even better. Here are some beneficial tips and cost saving tricks you can use while shopping:

Planning Ahead Cuts Overspending

Before you step into a grocery store, ensure you have your shopping list with you and that you stick to it. Having a shopping list based on the items that you need for the weekly menu.

Eating some protein before going to the store will ensure that you don’t buy unnecessary food items.

Buy Important Foods First

To make sure you get the best choices and best deals on these items, buy staple items first, such as protein, fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy items. Canned items should also be classified as staple items.

Buy the less important foods, such as nuts, delicacy items, snacks and treats last.

Bulk Is Best

By buying in bulk, you will spend less on many items that are a necessity. Pasta will be cheaper in bulk. Don't forget that Whole-wheat/multigrain pasta costs about the same and is a healthier alternative.

By cooking foods in bulk, you save time and meals are readily available.

Freeze large portions of precooked foods. They will still be an easier choice for your family than less healthy and more expensive items, especially if they can be quickly reheated in the microwave or the toaster oven.

Choose An Inexpensive Source Of Protein

There are a couple sources of protein that would greatly inflate your grocery bill, such as wild salmon and lobster, while there are cheaper alternatives such as skinless chicken thighs.

Some cuts of red meat are also less expensive than others, and you just have to pay attention to how they should be cooked to ensure they are enjoyable.

If separated eggs are important in your household, then dividing them at home will turn out to be a lot less expensive than buying them. Cooked egg whites last for five days.

Substituting beans for meat is a common practice that ensures proper protein intake at a cheaper price.

Nuts are another great source of protein although they can be expensive. However, they offer many other health benefits too, so try to have them on hand as a snack. Nuts can be portioned out in small Ziploc bags.

Of course, a good diet and thrifty spending don’t do nearly as much good as physical activity.Depending on what kind of fitness boot camp you’re engaged in, your diet may require specially-recommended foods…which takes us back to the first and most important point: plan ahead before shopping!

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