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Posted by AmandaTom on June 10th, 2015

Distortion in music can be caused due to many reasons. You could remove the distortion by either making some changes in the system itself or by placing the speakers in those areas of your room where the acoustics are the best. The former can be done using crossovers. In this modern age, passive crossovers have given way to active crossovers and one of the most important elements in this is electronic or digital crossover. An electronic crossover kit can make a lot of difference to the quality of sound that you receive from your music system. And to ensure that you are able to place the subwoofers at the right place, go for digital room correction.

A typical modern music system comes equipped with multiple speakers. Each and every speaker has individual drivers that cater to a different level of frequency. The job of a crossover is to split a complete audio signal into different levels of frequencies and channel these frequencies to the speakers that handle it. This process is conducted before the sound amplification happens. As a result, the signal is first split and then combined to produce uninterrupted music that is devoid of any noise. An electronic crossover kit can do this job for you.

An electronic crossover kit has digital components that are easy to change than physical circuits. It can do full digital computation and this allows the audio processing to be changed in an easier manner and without you having to make any change in hardware. In electronic crossover, direct digital input from diverse digital sources like a computer is supported. What is the benefit that you get? The big benefit is that you get the job done without incurring heavy costs.

Digital room correction is fairly easy provided you have the right kind of software. The reason why you want to do this correction is because you want your music system to produce the best possible sound. There are various ways this can be done and ideally, you should use a software and a hardware combination in the form of Room EQ and calibration microphone.

In digital room correction, there are sweeping signals that are sent to different parts of the room for the purpose of measurement. The data is gathered and a filter is generated. This filter is then processed and any unwanted noise can be removed. This form of correction also allows you to place your subwoofers in the perfect place in your room. The data gathered measures the acoustics of the room and you can easily see those areas of your room where the acoustic is at its best. The subwoofers can be placed there after you have gone through some trial and error.

Any distortion in sound is bound to bug you as it does to any music lover. For a highly minimal cost, you can take corrective action so that any distortion or foreign sound is eliminated. It is important that you invest in an electronic crossover kit and get digital room correction done. The process is simple and experts can help you.

Make sure you get your music system to perform at its best with an electronic crossover kit and by getting digital room correction done.

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