Maximum music with multi-sub optimization

Posted by amandatom on June 10th, 2015

If you are extremely particular about your music, you must understand the basics of the science of acoustics. Then only you will be able to utilize each and every A/V equipment. With multi-sub optimization using multiple subwoofers and subwoofer processor you can create surrealistic sound pleasing your senses to the core. Placing and installation of a subwoofer for best possible performance is not easy and often trial and error is the only possible method. Without surveying your place for its countless variables like the floor type, ceiling and its shape, dimensions of your room, etc. it is difficult to place the subwoofers for optimum results.

Multi-sub optimization lets you enjoy the bass with the help of more than one subwoofers. Subwoofers have many advantages: they are inconspicuous as compared to the floor-standing normal speakers that are not easy to maneuver. Since most of the subwoofers have their own power supply, it does not strain the A/V receiver or your multi-channel amplifier. With proper combination of subwoofers you can improve the overall sound quality of your system. With subwoofer processor having digital display you exactly know how your system has been performing and how it can be optimized for better response.

When you use multi-sub optimization in your home theater system you get extremely good low frequency effects (LFE) from acoustic and electric bass or instruments like kettle drums that make the entire experience quite dramatic. So, if you are an ardent fan of jazz, rock or symphonic albums or watch science fiction movies you should immediately invest on one or multiple subwoofers (if your room is of irregular shape that creates acoustic problems). You can configure your subwoofer processor once with the help of your computer and then it can work as a standalone system.

Correct placement of subwoofers is important for multi-sub optimization. For example, placing the subwoofers on the side walls that are halfway between your room’s front and rear walls gives a very pleasing effect. The walls, windows and furniture add to the sound to create the final effect. It is quite well known that bass frequencies are mostly sensitive to such ‘room’ factors. Bass waves are multidirectional and as a result of this they tend to bounce all over the room. This creates two things that you must control: standing waves and bass nulls. Standing waves create an excess of bass energy with a specific frequency getting reinforced with the help of room factors resulting in a boomy sound. On the other hand when reflecting sound waves cancel each other you get bass nulls. With digital correction software application and tools like subwoofer processor these tasks have become quite simple.

You may think that installing subwoofer processor is quite complicated and you should not fiddle with it unless you’re a techie. But, when you visit the websites of some renowned manufacturers you would find detailed step-by-step instructions to install the elements for multi-sub optimization. You are presented with schematic diagrams and screenshots of the processor control so that you can setup the system all by yourself.

Handling of multiple subwoofers for multi-sub optimization along with use of subwoofer processor should be done carefully to have the finest result.

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