Love Shoes, But Not the Bites? Here?s What to Do!

Posted by arun on June 10th, 2015

It is not for nothing that shoes are considered a style statement. Be it a man or a woman, one of the few things noticed about you on a first meet are your shoes. How they make an impression on the other person deserves a full another article. As far as this one is considered, we will limit ourselves to something that causes a lot of discomfort and needs to be perfectly fixed so you can go ahead and make a strong impression.

Shoe bite is a painful sore that reminds you that showing off that stylish pair on your feet is hard work. Irrespective of how expensive or stylish a shoe you are wearing, if it is new or ill-fitting, it is bound to distress you. Shoe bite is not an easy thing to deal with once you get the sore on your foot, so let us look at some tips and ways to prevent shoe bites.

Let us begin with the easiest things first. If you love your feet and comfort more than making a style statement, then we can tell you to get a pair of soft slippers. What an enlightenment, isn’t it? You’re welcome. As much as soft slippers feel like heaven beneath your feet, unless they are really stylish and cool, they won’t add brownie points to your impression on others. And sometimes you can’t afford to care less about that impression. So, let us move on to some real effective ways of bite-proofing your shoes.

When you are buying a new pair of shoes, try them and walk a bit in them to ensure that they properly fit you and are supremely comfortable. Choosing well-fitting, comfortable shoes is half the battle won when it comes to preventing shoe bites. There are certain ingredients you may apply on your feet that will make them soft and supple thereby ensuring that the chances of your shoes biting are drastically reduced. You can massage your foot and heel with warm olive oil or a mixture of fresh milk cream and butter. You can even massage butter or coconut oil the previous night to make your feet really soft.

Rubbing a piece of potato or dusting your feet with powder also helps prevent shoe bites.There are certain things you can do to your new pair of shoes so they do not bite as much. You can fill up the shoes with soap suds. Drain them a little later and let them dry before wearing them. Another solution is to apply petroleum jelly or coconut oil or castor oil on the insides of the shoes and let the lubricant soften the shoes for a day or two that will go a long way to prevent shoe bites. Now, confidently slip in your feet and they will only caress them and not bite them.

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