The Importance of Civil Lawyer in Dubai

Posted by Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants on April 3rd, 2021

The Civil Code of Dubai governs every civil matter, proceedings, and trials involving civilians. The legislative document is heavily based on codes used in other countries like Egypt, as well as the Roman and French legal systems, along with the Shariah law, which is the basis for the guiding principles and laws in the UAE. The civil code applies to private and civil transactions, so if you find yourself dealing with legal matters in those areas, you will want to consult a civil lawyer in Dubai for help. Regardless of how proficient or familiar you are with local laws, it makes sense to work with a civil lawyer to avoid making mistakes, which could negatively impact your finances and your reputation down the line!

The civil law is one that regulates the daily lives of individuals, including companies and establishments. Thus, it governs all commercial disputes, too. The role of the civil lawyer in Dubai is to bring their expertise in areas like arbitration, breach of contracts, commercial disputes, and debt collection. They can also help with civil litigation, maritime issues, compensation claims, corporate matters, intellectual property issues, real estate, insurance cases, and much more. That makes them flexible in their capability to help a wide range of clients.

A civil lawyer in Dubai is also qualified to represent you in local courts. The best ones can appear before all UAE courts, too. In Dubai, there are three aspects of the court system: The Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal and Court of Cassation. Among the three, it is the Court of First Instance where first degree litigation occurs. The Court can hear all administrative, personal, labour, commercial, and civil lawsuits. Furthermore, the court has a major and minor circuit, depending on your claim’s value, the number of judges that must be involved, and the type of case.

Civil law is typically concerned with legitimate dealings and social liberties between two public or private parties. However, it is not possible that all the time agreements can be achieved easily, thus, resulting in legal disputes down the line. The civil lawyer in Dubai will work closely with you to make sure that the legal issue you are facing will go in your favour, or at least try to achieve an amicable resolution between you and the other party you are in dispute with.

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