Choosing Your Personalised Engraved Necklaces

Posted by The Engraved Gifts Company on June 11th, 2015

Personalised necklaces often come in the form of engraved necklaces and monogram pieces, shaped out of precious metals to form initials or full-names. Plate-type pendants such as dog tags that come with laser engraving are also popular and they are excellent gift ideas if you want something personal and exclusive to the recipient.

Custom engraved necklaces can be anything from subtle to flashy, depending on your taste. These are versatile accessories that you can wear on any and every occasion. When in the market for personalised engraved necklaces, here are some things you should know:

  • Name necklaces are as custom-made as you can get. These types of personalised necklaces are specially cut to spell out your name or your recipient's name (if you intend to give the charm away as a gift). Name necklaces or pendants are best paired with princess-length chains so that the spelled-out name can hang attractively below the collar bones. This kind of accessory is a good gift option as it can go well with different types of necklines although choker, matinee, and collar style variations also exist. A shorter chain, on the other hand, makes the pendant more visible and prominent.
  • Monogram necklaces work like name necklaces, and only they feature only a single or a couple of letters, representing the wearer's initials. They are just as fashionable and versatile as name necklaces, and they can include other embellishments like flowers, gems, calligraphy, and some engraving for added effect. The pattern and design you choose for a monogram necklace is a purely personal decision and there are many places you can go to if you wish to create an entirely custom-made piece for yourself or for a loved one.
  • Costume necklaces are also great gift options, if you want a larger canvas to showcase your creativity and personal style. Costume pieces can be decorated with different kinds of items like gems, crystals, sparkles, glass, and sequins. They can also be engraved upon for additional personal touch, especially when presenting the piece as a gift.
  • Styling personalised necklaces can be done in any number of ways. When doing so, decide whether you want something casual or something that can be worn in more formal situations.
  • Engraving is one of the best ways to customise jewellery. Laser etching is a common method engravers use to tag jewellery, along with stamping. These methods can now be done digitally, which makes engraved gifts more accessible to consumers.

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