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Posted by Abby Clare on April 3rd, 2021

Planning a wedding is both wonderful and stressful. The magical day requires a lot of work and financial investments. Couples care a lot about aesthetics and want the venue to be decorated in the most beautiful manner. Also, brides want stunning bouquets and boutonnieres and spend considerably on them. The worst part is that they wither, and soon enough, the memory of the bouquet fades away. A wood flowers wedding brings many advantages in discussion and it is worth knowing what it brings to the table.

Why a Wood Flowers Wedding

Wedding flowers are gorgeous, and many brides have preferences in terms of the ones they like the most and want to integrate in the arrangements and their bouquet. However, after a couple of hours and once the event is over, flowers are either thrown away or given to guests. How about preserving them for a lifetime? Keeping the bouquet as a keepsake is something most brides want, and they struggle to find the most effective ways to preserve it. A wood flowers wedding is different from this point of view, because sola flowers stay fresh all the time and they don’t lose their form.

Many flowers are seasonal and if you want a certain type, you either have to plan the wedding around those dates or pay more to have them shipped especially for the occasion. This is not an issue with sola flowers, because at any point you can choose from a great variety, and you can mix and match so many designs, play with forms, shapes, and sizes. This is another great advantage that can easily influence the decision, since there are almost no limitations regarding season. Many sola blossoms take the form of the most popular blooms, while in some cases, crafters invent new models.

Who Offers Sola Flowers

Due to the increased popularity of wooden flowers, more and more crafters share their work and products online. You can easily find online shops that sell blooms, luvsolaflowers.com  being one of them. You can go through the different categories and be amazed of their beauty; how diverse and versatile they are. Most of them are available in ivory, but there are also skin flowers that use the bark of the plant to reveal a darker color. They can be used as they are, in their natural form or dyed in the desired shades.

In most cases, sola blooms are available in bulk, because people purchase them in larger quantities for arrangements of all kind. Weddings, house openings, DIY projects, events of all kind require flowers and instead of spending money on fresh ones, it is best to consider alternatives that bring more value for money. Sola flowers are more durable, and they are priced reasonably, especially when you think about the fact that you can repurpose them easily. For example, once the wedding is over, you can use the arrangements to decorate the house or offer them as gifts to friends and family.

Some people are allergic to pollen or flower scents and they present different symptoms. These are uncomfortable, especially during a special event. A wood flowers wedding guarantees that guests will not experience hypersensitivity to blooms, and couples can rest assured that everyone will have a good time. Not to mention they can use any type of flower, even if they know a friend or relative has allergies. However, if you miss the smell and would like some scent, feel free to add some scented oils to the petals and bouquets and arrangements will smell lovely throughout the event and even afterwards.

Maintaining sola flowers is very easy and you don’t have to worry about keeping them in a good shape. From time to time, it is recommended to wipe them from dust using a cloth. You can place them around the house or office after the wood flowers wedding and lighten up the space in a beautiful manner. Everyone agrees that flowers brighten up the room and people would like to have fresh ones every day. However, they require care and constant replacement. With wooden blooms this is not necessary, as once you place them around, they will stand in their place.

Couples can arrange a wood flowers wedding  on their own, because there are so many amazing guides and ideas online. It is quite easy to design a bouquet or a table centerpiece once you learn the steps and you find out how many amazing options exist. It is easy to work with sola flowers, because they simply have to be assembled in the desired arrangement.

Why Wooden Flowers Stand Out

A wood flowers wedding stands out, because blooms look very realistic and as soon as they are put together, they attract attention. They are suitable for all themes, from traditional, rustic, to modern, and elegant. They can be personalized greatly to meet all needs and color schemes. It is quite easy for couples to customize their special day, decorate the venue, the ceremony location, bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and more.

Online you can easily find a great variety of products for a wood flowers wedding. Sellers showcase their catalogues with all types of blooms, in many shapes, sizes, forms, textures, and even colors. You can order as many as you need and then create arrangements. It is useful to know that in most cases blooms are sold without stems and you have to add them separately. The process is quite easy, as you can simply glue some wire or twigs on the back of the flowers.

It is important to verify the seller and make sure you purchase only high-quality blooms. They should be handcrafted and with great attention to detail. Also, sellers should offer all needed information regarding products, mention descriptions, point out how flowers are sold, how much delivery takes, costs implied, and areas covered. Once you have the package, you can inspect the blooms, and in case they are a bit misshaped, there is no worry as you can bring them back to their original shape using water.

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