How Ecomass Is Transforming Extreme Engineering

Posted by Michael Luis on April 3rd, 2021

Weight reduction in components is a significant design challenge for every engineer. Less weight means high performance. However, it also reduces the durability of the component. There are only a few materials available in the market, which can work significantly well under less weight.

Ecomass is some of the best high density polymers that work under extreme conditions without failing. The high-gravity compounds of this material can withstand high temperature, moist conditions, and radioactive environments with ease. For these reasons, it has become the favorite choice for engineers.

Real-world application of Ecomass

Ecomass is not a hypothetical product. The application of Ecomass can be seen in many real-world applications. Here are some of the applications of Ecomass that you can see in various industries.

•    Vibration Damping
•    Weighting
•    Balancing
•    Radiation Shielding
•    Frangible Projectiles

How effective Ecomass is for Vibration Damping?

Vibration is a common problem in mechanical engineering. Vibration contains kinetic energy can it can damage sophisticated components of many types of machinery. High-density materials of Ecomass absorb the vibration of kinetic energy and turn it into heat and don’t let it pass to other sophisticated components.

As a result, usage of Ecomass as a damper increases the life span of the machine. With the help of precision injection molding, Ecomass materials can be turned into any shape or size. Many engineers are taking benefit of the durability of Ecomass and integrating it into many automobile parts.

How effective Ecomass is for Radiation Shielding?

The medical research field is a common sector that works with high levels of radiation, radiation like x-ray and gamma rays can cause serious damage to the human body. Currently, radiation shielding is a big challenge in the medical research field.

Working prolong hours with a heavy-weight led jacket is very inconvenient. The high density of Ecomass materials can easily solve this problem. The high-density polymer structure of Ecomass easily stops high-energy radiation particles. It is lightweight properties also suitable for radiation shielding jackets.

How effective Ecomass is for Frangible Projectiles?

The led part of the bullet is very bad for the environment. The residue of this part easily dilutes with the soil and causes lead poisoning in the area. The American military had faced the consequence of this problem in their training ground, where lead contamination causes a problem to the water table of that area.

Ecomass is very environment friendly and it doesn’t contaminate the area with heavy metal. For this reason, it can be used as Lead free ammunition. The American military research division spearheaded the development of Ecomass. Thanks to their effort, many companies are using Ecomass in frangible projectiles.

In the development of many new types of machinery, Ecomass has played a positive part. Thanks to its easy mouldable properties, many companies are making complex spare parts from this material. The weight property of Ecomass is similar to aluminum, but its strength property is similar to steel.

Ecomass does not shrink or expand in the high or low level of temperatures and maintains its shape and size in any condition. For this reason, engineers who work with extreme materials love Ecomass.

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