How Do You Sell a Gun That You Do Not Want or Can Not Keep?

Posted by on April 3rd, 2021

Maybe someone gave you a gun as a gift, and it is not really something you are into. Maybe you inherited a gun collection from a relative’s estate. Whatever the situation, you have come into possession of a gun or several guns that you have no interest in owning and are wondering what to do. The good news is that guns tend to be relatively valuable, and there is a thriving market for them. Now the question is—how do you go about selling them?

Can I Sell These Guns Without a License?

The federal law regarding selling firearms to other people is pretty straightforward—you do not need a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to sell guns unless it is a business. The most crucial distinction is generally agreed to be whether or not you are buying firearms to resell for a profit. If you have been gifted or inherited guns, you should be free to sell them without a license. However, that applies to federal law. Make sure that your state law does not have additional conditions or restrictions.

Should I Sell Them at the Local Gun Store?

If you have inherited a 9mm revolver, for instance, the gun store you sell it to is going to have to make a profit. That is certainly understandable, but it means you are going to be paid something like half or, with some luck, two-thirds of its value. Your best bet is to sell or auction firearms online with a reputable, established website. has a reputation for safety and ease-of-use, and it is the largest online gun auction platform. That means it hosts the largest population of potential buyers and bidders looking for that 9mm revolver, and you are more likely to get market price instead of a portion of it.

What About the Ammunition?

There can be some restrictions regarding selling ammunition to gun stores, particularly for loose ammunition or opened boxes. Selling it on an online sales and auction platform, however, is permissible. Just as is the case with selling guns, you are likely to be paid market value for that 9mm, 45 ACP, or 30 30 ammo online. And it can be quite valuable.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

State laws regarding the buying and selling of guns and ammunition can vary, so always check your local regulations before doing so. Also, while you do not need a license to sell guns online, the gun must be delivered to an FFL-holder. If the buyer does not have an FFL, they will give you the address and information of the FFL-holder you will send it to. That is often the local gun shop. It is a pretty straightforward process, though the auction site provides information to answer any questions. Research how to safely mail guns and ammunition, and you are ready to go.


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