5 Tips for Gun Range Etiquette to Keep in Mind Before You Go

Posted by GunBroker.com on April 3rd, 2021

Gun ranges are safe places to learn how to shoot and improve your skills. They provide an environment for meeting and interacting with fellow gun enthusiasts and show off your beautiful new AR 12. That alone makes practicing appropriate gun range etiquette a must. Of course, good range etiquette also serves a far more important function—keeping you and everyone else safe. Before your first or next trip to the range, consider the following.

Bring and Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Shooting guns or being in close proximity to guns being shot without hearing protection will permanently damage anyone’s hearing very quickly. Always bring earplugs or earmuffs to the gun range. And remember, the appropriate personal protective equipment for shooting also includes eye protection. Some ranges will not even allow you to shoot without safety glasses.

Read the Gun Range’s Rules

While gun ranges tend to feature some basic operational similarities, they are not identical. A gun range will usually have a list of rules posted somewhere conspicuous. Find those rules, read them, and follow them.

Know What You Can Shoot

At many ranges, you will find that some firearms, calibers, and cartridge or shell types are forbidden altogether. At others, lanes or rooms will be designated exclusively for handguns and exclusively for rifles or long guns. As amazingly impressive as that Barrett 50 cal rifle is, shooting one in the wrong place or against the range’s rules will get you kicked out, and maybe permanently banned.

Do Not Give in to the Rapid Fire Urge

The urge to “rock and roll” with a semi-automatic firearm—firing as quickly as you can pull the trigger, is pretty common. Unfortunately, the faster someone pulls the trigger, the less control they tend to have over where the bullets go. That can damage range property and even prove dangerous. It is also distracting, often disconcerting, and just bad form. Even if a range does not specifically prohibit rapid-fire, avoid it all the same.

Clean Up After Yourself

Range time can produce dozens, even hundreds, of shell casings. It can end with your lane’s shooting bench covered in empty ammo boxes. Be sure to clean it all up. “Leave it better than you found it” is both a commendable philosophy in general and right on target as gun range etiquette specifically. Have fun and good shooting!

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