A Few of the Highest Quality Handguns to Look for From Top European Gunmakers

Posted by GunBroker.com on April 3rd, 2021

There are not many who would deny that the U.S. is a global leader in the production of high-quality handguns and firearms in general. It would be hard to argue otherwise with names like Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Colt, Browning, and many more to our national credit. Our European counterparts, however, are not exactly slacking when it comes to producing top-shelf handguns. So next time you are browsing through firearms for sale online, keep an eye out for the following accurate, reliable, and high-quality pistols from a few of Europe’s leading gunmakers.

SIG Sauer – Switzerland and Germany

Primary – P210 Standard

The SIG P210 is perhaps the most accurate military pistol ever produced. It is certainly one of the few that has long been used unmodified for professional competitive shooting. An updated version of the pistol has been released as the SIG P210 Standard, a more ergonomic, lightweight incarnation of its legendary forebearer.

Backup – P226, P230, P320

The SIG P226 and P320 remain among the world’s best-respected, most relied-on handguns. The SIG P230 is a sleek and ultra-stylish compact and concealable pistol.

Glock – Austria

Primary – Glock 35

As popular as the classic Glocks like the 17, 29, and 43 are, the Glock 35 still manages to stand out among such iconic counterparts. As a handgun that is designed as a competition piece, the Glock 35 is the most accurate of the family. And despite the more powerful 40 S&W cartridge, the Glock 35 offers fantastic repeat shot placement.

Backup – Glock 27 Gen 4

The Glock 27 is like the Glock 35’s smaller sibling. Despite being a single-stack subcompact, the Glock 27, also chambered in 40 S&W, provides surprising accuracy and more comfortable shooting than you would guess.

FN Herstal – Belgium

Primary – FN 509 LS Edge

The FN 509 LS Edge is a long slide handgun that would not be out of place as a professional competition shooter itself. The lightening-cut slotting in the slide increase slide speed and improve the recoil profile, while the FN 509 LS Edge is beautifully optimized for optics. The model has also been live-fire tested for a million rounds.

Backup – FN Five seveN, FN Model 1903

Of course, the FN pistol that is likely first to mind these days is the ground-breaking FN Five seveN, chambered in the proprietary 57x28mm cartridge. It is unquestionably a hot rod, and the appeal makes sense. However, FN Herstal was an early handgun pioneer. Take the FN Model 1900—the first production semi-automatic pistol to feature a slide. Then there is the FN Model 1903, an elegant art deco masterpiece, the Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless’s big cousin. Do yourself a favor and check out an FN Model 1903 or any of these top-quality European handguns online. You will not be disappointed.

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