Natural Remedies for Pigmentation Treatment: Slow But Safe

Posted by dunitzsantrino on June 12th, 2015

Our skin determines our appearance to a large extent and that explains the obsession to keep it looking beautiful and youthful. Therefore, any condition that causes changes in the appearance of skin is a cause of concern. The skin color is determined by the presence of melanin, which is a pigment produced by melanocytes, special skin cells. More the melanin, darker the skin tone. Skin pigmentation is a condition which is the result of unregulated production of melanin. High melanin production causes hyper-pigmentation while too little of melanin causes hypo-pigmentation. It may happen due to a variety of reasons including hormonal changes, pregnancy, exposure to ultraviolet radiation or certain chemicals, stress, lifestyle changes and dietary habits to name a few.

Pigmentation treatment, therefore, works towards regulating the production of melanin. Melanin is produced as a result of a number of oxidative reactions involving the amino acid tyrosine in the presence of the enzyme tyrosinase. The treatment for pigmentation targets tyrosinase by means of certain agents to correct the production level of melanin. But these agents come with their own set of side effects. They may cause cancer or ochronosis that will turn body tissues bluish black.

The main thing to note here is that in most cases, skin pigmentation does not affect the health of the patient in any way, but conditions such as melasma and vitiligo may affect the self esteem. Given the risks involved in the clinical pigmentation treatment, home remedies are a much safer option. But be aware that home remedies will not deliver quick and dramatic results. They are bound to take their own sweet time.

Melasma is a skin pigmentation disorder that causes tanned patches on the face. It is usually associated with pregnant women, women on birth control pills or postmenopausal estrogen, but even men may experience this condition. Aloe vera juice or gel helps lighten the dark patches. You can also make a paste of orange skin with milk to exfoliate your face. Turmeric powder mixed with milk is another natural treatment for pigmentation due to melasma. Honey and almond face pack will also deliver desirable results.

Vitiligo is the appearance of smooth, white skin patches on various spots of the body such as around the eyes and mouth, back of hands and such areas as a result of the immune system attacking the pigment cells. Staying clear of sour food items, helps provide an alkaline environment in the body that is more conducive to melanin production. Sea foods should be avoided too as they may be contaminated with mercury. Store water overnight in a copper vessel and consume it for beneficial effects. A paste of turmeric powder and mustard oil applied over the white patch daily may help with the pigmentation treatment but takes long for results to show.

Tans, sunburns and burn also result in pigmentation. A face mask of mashed papaya or just papaya juice applied on the face is an effective treatment for pigmentation in addition to improving complexion and smoothening the skin texture. Turmeric powder mixed with lemon juice, a paste of ground mint leaves, aloe vera gel, corn starch and lemon juice also help in pigmentation treatment in the safest possible manner albeit with slow results.

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