Different Types Of Pumps And Their Uses

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Pumps are used for irrigation in various fields like the agricultural sector, swimming pool, etc. the type of pumps depend on in which use they are used. The choice of the pump will depend on the depth of the well and the daily irrigation flow.

Different types of pumps

Solar surface pumps are great for applications with shallow wells, ponds, streams, or storage tanks. They are good if the depth of water supply is 5 m or less. The propeller is used for low hydro and high discharge. These pumps are mainly used for drainage and can also be used for irrigation from streams and canals.

Surface pumps cannot lift so much water from a deep source. They can only pump water at height. They are used in swimming pools and commercial pools and spas. In most swimming pool applications, solar panels can meet all cleaning requirements, resulting in no significant power outages and environmental benefits.

Submersible pumps

A submersible pump is a turbine pump attached to a submersible electric motor. This avoids a long shot at the deep well turbine pump. These are always below the water table. This pump is most suitable for flood-prone areas.

Submersible solar pumps receive power directly from solar panels without the need to convert to any electronic equipment. Its advanced electronic system integrated into the pump controls its operation, incorporating its pumping performance with the energy coming directly from the solar panels.

Solar submersible pumps can pump up to 200 meters of depth and pump water up to 4 inches. It is only used when the water supply is more than 5 meters above the surface. It only works a little when there is bad weather. It is powered by solar energy. It pumps water on sunny days and stores it in a pit or tank for use when needed. It only works a little when there is bad weather.

Borehole pump is appropriate for purposes such as:

  • Raising water four or greater from wells or artesian holes
  • Water stress and furnish in civil and industrial water installations
  • Fire and washing systems

The amount of daily energy required to reach the maximum performance of the pump is very high. Pumps commonly used for irrigation are less efficient. So there are very efficient pumps for regular use .they are classified into many types because of their function and use.

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