Development and evolution of free internet radio

Posted by amandatom on June 14th, 2015

The concept of internetradio is not something which has originated recently. It has been there in the streaming media services for a long time now. Free internet radio is available from any part of the world and streaming doesn’t put any additional burden on the listeners as the cost of internet usage doesn’t cross the usual limit as streaming live is different from downloading music. As against the traditional radio broadcasting this is referred to as radio webcasting as the internet is used to transmit the programs.

History and development of internetradio

It all started with traditional radio stations finding out better ways to reach out to their new segment of listeners, by using the technologies available on the Internet, and they started online radio stations. This was somewhere around the early 1990s and since then things have progressed to such an extent and today we are talking about entire libraries of music online through live streaming free internet radio stations.

One of the first radio programs to be webcasted was a talk show and it discussed about the Internet and computers. A fan of Rock music would be able to recollect that it was Rolling Stones who started the trend of broadcasting concerts live on the Internet. It was the music industry that aimed at taking advantage of this new medium of reaching out to a larger listener base around the world, and with the concept of file sharing and downloading music online this trend spread. Free internet radio stemmed from this and there were a variety of radio stations which would webcast their programs.

Free internet radio – present and future

While some internetradio stations concentrated more on interactive communication, some only played music. Then there are different kinds of internet radio stations that focus on a particular genre of music and some that play all kinds of music. There are various laws and regulations that protect the rights of the artists and the radio stations are also required to pay royalty to the artists whose music they play. To save costs radio stations often play music from artists who have not entered into any legal agreement with a label.

The technology that is used by internetradio stations is different than that used in podcasting. It is also known as webcasting. Free internet radio stations use live streaming and internet radio station is distributed by using an audio codec. With the growth and development of different kinds of wireless technology the use and popularity of internet radio stations have increased over the course of time.

Art in any form will find a way to reach to its lovers around the world no matter what the restrictions and limitations are. And when it comes to music, which communicates without language, finding newer avenues is even easier. Technology and internet has made it possible for music to reach parts of the world where it would not have been possible for traditional broadcasting stations to reach to the listeners. And free internet radio has shown the path for this to happen. You can also be a part of this by tuning in to an internetradio station and enjoy music the way the world is doing it.

Tune in to internetradio and enjoy free internet radio with widest choice and flexibility.

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