Useful Tips on Learning Chinese

Posted by Thinkfirstdubai on April 5th, 2021

We recommend the following steps to achieve the best Chinese learning results.

  1. Encourage good study habits by scheduling regular Chinese study time.
  2. Practice what you have learned whenever you have a chance. That's why we promote parents and kids learn Chinese together. Parents and kids are the best study pal. This approach motivates parents to set a good role model on discipline and nurture kids a good study habit. In addition, parents and kids learn and practice speaking Chinese in a really fun and effective way.
  3. be persistent and never give up! Unlike many Western languages which share some common linguistic roots with English and which can often be learned fairly quickly with a large amount of self-study, acquiring a basic competency in a language as different from English as Chinese requires a high level of commitment and persistence.
  4. Listen to the Chinese audio lessons as many times as possible whenever you have a chance.
  5. One of the best ways parents can help with your child's education is to take part yourself. So start learning Chinese together with your child.
  6. Try to imitate after the teacher, even if the sounds seem to be difficult to pronounce.

With globalization, proficiency in only one language is not enough for economic, societal, and educational success. Chinese is the language spoken by the most people in the world, so Chinese could be a great choice for you. Starting learning Chinese and improve your language skills today!

Think First Dubai helps each student reach his/her potential with engaging instruction, intrinsic motivation and meaningful rewards. Our scientific methods and systems are a fresh change from traditional tutoring and, with full time instructors, we get to know and bond well with our students. As a result, we have helped many children including ones who were not seeing improvement with other tutors. We hope you will give us the opportunity to understand your needs.

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