Why Educational Psychological Assessment is Necessary for Your Child?

Posted by Dayne Williams on April 5th, 2021

You try so hard as a parent to provide your child with opportunity for success. Your child's school success will not always go as expected. Many parents are concerned, frustrated, and confused as a result of this. This is where an educational psychological test will come in handy.

The anxiety about your child's academic success will contribute to needless stress. It can even lead to the collapse of your relationship with your son. This frequently leaves the entire family feeling powerless, disappointed, and a little depressed. Some parents may also (unnecessarily) think they have done something wrong.

There are many causes that may have an effect on your child's learning. For example, this may include:

  •         Their psychological well-being
  •         Learning difficulties that have gone undiagnosed
  •         Behaviours at school and at home, as well as a lack of sleep

It may contribute to needless confrontation, self-blame, and anger if not examined.

What Is Educational Psychological Assessment?

A formal assessment procedure that tests abilities relevant to a person's or a child's educational and psychological areas of functioning is recognised as an educational psychological assessment.

During an evaluation, we use a number of formal (standardised) and informal (qualitative) methods to address my clients' concerns regarding their child's functioning. A specific component of this global evaluation method is the measurement of a client's areas of functioning. In other terms, we look at some causes that could have an effect on a student's academic success.

We don't only Educational Assessments and psychological domains, including all that might have an effect on it. As an example, consider the child's feelings and societal reality. We hope to gather as much knowledge as possible as part of the research phase. As a result, we request that a child's teacher(s) and parents’ complete forms pertaining to a child's behavioural history, behaviours, and academic success.

The educational psychological tests themselves usually take two days and last approximately five hours. Before the appraisal phase begins, we must develop a strong working partnership with my customers. Typically, the first few minutes of an appraisal are used to establish rapport to ensure that the individual being tested feels at ease.

What will be the Result of Educational Psychological Assessment?

Even after the evaluation process, you would be issued a psycho-educational assessment report. It is also recognized as a global evaluation survey or an Edu-psych report in certain colleges.

The evaluation report offers an accessible and rational overview of the assessed abilities in order to address the report's questions. Interventions are advised in conjunction with the review of all assessed ability sets. The aim of these guidelines is to assist in resolving the issues found during the evaluation phase.

Another goal of the educational psychologist is to have a better interpretation of the difficulties that your child is experiencing. The report would also include proposals about improvements that should be made at home and at college.


This will even help direct the child's ongoing treatments if they meet with specific practitioners such as a speech therapist or occupational therapist. If you think your child will benefit from an Educational Psychologist, then you can search “Educational Psychologist near me” otherwise contact us to make an appointment or call us if you have any questions.

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