How Going To Church Can Make You Feel Better?

Posted by City of Faith on April 5th, 2021

Going to church is not about getting your attendance gold star, nor is it about gaining God favor for the week because you assembled with His people. The church is a living body when God wants you to become a part of your good and his Glory.

For many families, scheduling and making time for the church in the middle of a jam-packed week can feel like a test in itself. Whether you go on Saturday evenings, Sunday morning or even weekday afternoons, it can be hard to part with what you see as free time especially when it conflicts with other things you want to do. Living By Faith Church is just something about being there that calms you down, makes you feel connected and whole, simply allow you to breathe again. Research shows that people who regularly attend Church report strong social support networks and less depression. There are few surprising benefits of going to church.

1: Beautiful way to start your day

If you are like most Catholics, the thought of going to church is somewhere in a mind, even if it is way far back there. You know you should go, that’s what a good Catholic would do. Your intentions are good, but you don't follow through. This prevalent occurrence is a reality in today's world. But, people, you can’t make excuses for God. So, rise and shine. It’s is the best way to start your Sunday.

2: To find Godly mentors

In the church, you will discover many people who have walked the road ahead of you. Their wisdom, insights, and vulnerability to teach you from their mistake is one way God provides to help you grow. It is his plan for the older men and women to come alongside the younger to train them in godliness, and guide them towards building a life of no regrets.

3: Church services teach and uplift

What you learn at EChurch gives you guidance on how to follow God, improve your spirituality and live better lives. You can be up listed by fellow believers and by the opportunity to serve and worship. You can also feel the holy spirit who brings love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness and faith.

4: Helps you heal

Certainly, many Churchgoers struggle with behaviour was they would like to change, but on average, regular Church attendance drinks less, smokeless, use fewer recreational drugs than others. The church EMember offers guidance and acceptance, reconciliation and everlasting love. Whatever you are going through, the church can help you through it.

They are many important and valuable parts of life. Practising your faith religiously is one of them. So make it a priority.

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