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Posted by Environmental Sciences Group on April 5th, 2021

Unseen dangers are everywhere. While it is simple enough to spot an exposed electrical wiring or unattended spill, several threats to place of work safety are barely visible to the naked eye. And as experts know, this is precisely what makes these threats so dangerous. As per a recent study exposure to high levels of air pollution has a quantifiable negative impact on worker productivity.

A powerful industrial hygiene program pays attention on reducing risk and productivity via the evaluation, assessment, and remediation of the environmental risks in your place of work— perils that may jeopardize your company’s profitability, reputation, and effectiveness.

These environmental factors are powerfully correlated with happiness and health of employee, which influence your team’s ability to get things done. Statistics show that contented employees are 31% more productive and take lesser sick days.

Enhancing Indoor Air Quality

OSHA states that poor quality of indoor air has been linked with exhaustion, problem concentrating, headaches, and exasperation of the throat, eyes, nose, and lungs with even graver prospective long-term risks if unaddressed.

For the most part, indicators of air quality problems cannot be detected by scent or sight easily. This is why it is important to be especially watchful in rooting them out. Some of the elements you will want to think about with IAQ include humidity, temperature, dust, HVAC maintenance, allergens, and more.

And then, there are unsolved smells. It tends to be an uncomfortable subject. But unpleasant odors can take a real toll on harmony and happiness in the workplace and in a few cases can be indicative of air quality problems.

Air quality can fluctuate radically over time so it is significant to monitor it constantly. Air filters get old, seasons change, structure takes place, etc. Carrying an indoor air quality evaluation will offer you with a baseline, and take notes measurements will assist bear out any concerns. Air assessments usually entail a combination of practical measures and advanced technical instruments to gain wide-ranging readings, which a certified industrial hygienist can surely assist with.

Reducing Noise Nuisances

Have you ever worked in an office where noisy, persistent construction has been taking place? If so, you perhaps have not forgotten how frustrating and distracting it has been. While that is an extreme case, there are several less obvious and more usual contributors to difficult noise pollution. Equipment, fans, computers, and even chatty coworkers can all generate worrying noise levels. Loud noise can affect more than only your ears, resulting in prospective physical and mental stress.

Addressing these problems can include several solutions, from protective gear to rearrangement of workplace layout. But the initial step is getting a clear eye on the issues at play. A certified industrial hygienist can carry out comprehensive sound surveys, which recognize unnecessary noise, diagnose causes, and current solutions. The next level would be a dosimetry evaluation, which uses expertise to build up more methodical workplace noise assessments for compliance with federal principles. When required, guidance on control measures can also be offered.

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